10 Amazing Ways to Recycle Egg Shells!

Did you know that egg shells have some amazingly unusual uses of their own? From being a natural facial ingredient to a coffee sweetener, egg shells can come quite handy in daily uses. Here are 10 super ways to recycle egg shells and do our bit for Mother Nature.

Beauty Product

Make your very own organic face pack by mixing crushed egg shells with egg whites. Apply the pack on your face evenly and allow it to dry. Then, rinse with cold water. Viola, your face not only looks radiant, but you have also managed to keep ageing elements at bay!

Soil Fertilizer

Rich in calcium and minerals, egg shells are one of the best natural fertilizers and nutrients for soil. Crush the egg shells into tiny pieces to add to the potting soil and see for yourself how beautifully the plants flourish.

Coffee Sweetener

Don’t like the bitter taste of grounded coffee beans? Not to worry, just add grounded eggshells powder to them before brewing and the bitterness will go away to some extent. What is more, you can use the leftover mixture of grounded coffee and eggshells powder as compost in your garden.

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Crafty Material

You can make some wonderful arty, crafty objects using eggshells. For instance, you can make eggshells mosaic. Paint the leftover eggshells with different hues. Once the paint is dry, crush the eggshells with hands. Take a thick paper, draw a picture and paste the crushed eggshells on it. Your eggshell mosaic is ready to hang proudly on your wall. Refer books or search internet for more inspirational ideas.

Egg shell craft

Image Credit: www.paintcutpaste.com

Seedling Starter

Ditch the ordinary mud pots for biodegradable egg shell containers to plant your seeds. The next time you break an egg, make sure that you remove the upper part in such a way that the ¾ part of shell remains intact and looks like an empty container. Fill it will soil and plant about 1-2 seeds. When the seedlings sprout, simply break the egg shell container gently and transplant the sprout directly in your garden or a larger mud pot.

Egg shell plant

Image Credits: www.munchkinsandmayhem.blogspot.in

Dog Food

Make a calcium fortified supplement for your pet dog by adding finely powdered eggshells to the dog food.

Drain Cleaner

Save your plumbing expenses by using eggshells to unclog your kitchen drains. Place sizeable chunks of eggshells in your sink strainer to help them prevent food particles clogging the drain.

Utensils Cleaner

In case you are having a tough time removing grease and grime from your utensils, simply mix crumbled eggshells with your regular dishwashing liquid. This mixture will leave your utensils sparkling clean.

Skin Healer

The fine membrane inside the eggshell can be used as a natural bandage to heal your cuts and wounds.

Pest Repellent

Keep the garden pests away by placing egg shells randomly around flowers and plants. Thankfully, you don’t have to use the toxic pesticides available in the markets anymore. And you save money too!

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