10 Life Inspiring Lessons to Learn from the Movie ‘Queen’!

This post comes quite late after the release of the much acclaimed movie ‘Queen’. I am not a Kangana Ranaut fan and ‘Queen’ definitely wasn’t on my must – watch top 3 movies list. Anyways, not delving much into how and why I watched this movie, I must though admit that Kangana was simply fab in the film. She swoons the audience with her character as a plain Jane middle class Punjabi girl Rani from Rajouri Garden in Delhi.

The movie isn’t simply about Rani’s journey of discovering a new self and starting afresh in the life. It’s about making the choices that you desire and doing what you feel is right. It’s about breaking free of the crippling shackles of the traditions and morals forced upon women by our Indian society.

Here are 10 life inspiring lessons that every woman should take from the movie ‘Queen’.

Damn the break up (and the man!)

The man you shared your heart and dreams with dumps you. What would you do? Cry your heart out, of course and obviously. But that’s it. Accept that your beloved traitor has left you and perhaps something good is waiting to happen in your life. No more sulking now.

Queen 1

Don’t give a hoot to conventions

It’s about time to ditch the archetypal honeymoon style. Solo honeymoon is the newest ‘in’ super therapy to kick of the negativity behind and enjoy your own company. So even if your fiancé leaves you stranded at the altar, it would be a shame to let those honeymoon tickets go waste!

Bring out the wild child in you

A foreign land, new friends and you. No family and no questions. You couldn’t have asked for anything better. Now is the time to experience the craziest, the wildest and everything unimaginable in your life dictionary. And that includes burping too 🙂

Queen 2

Don’t lose your sense of humour

As long as you can laugh over your own jokes (especially Santa Banta and non-veg types), life is at your feet. Nobody can steal your sense of humour from you.

Believe in the law of attraction

So what if your lover doesn’t find you pretty anymore? Look around, there’s someone else who is attracted to you and wants to kiss you too!

Being a single mother is cool

Being a single mother shouldn’t stop you from having fun in life. You can date, dance or do whatever pleases you and still be a doting and caring mother.

Take on the challenge

Whether it is fighting a mugger in the unsafe European alleys or winning over the firangis with spicy golgappas, it is all about mustering the courage to face any challenge that life unexpectedly throws at you.

Queen 3

A makeover feels good

Right from changing into a dainty sundress from insipid kurti-denim attire and emerging as a confident ‘liberated’ woman from a naive timid girl, a makeover is a great way to feel good about self.

Maintain your self esteem

If your lover comes back knocking at your door, then give him the taste of his own medicine. Gather all your self esteem and shoo him away with a polite smile.

Vent out your feelings on Facebook

Oh, I loved this part of the movie – how Rani starts off on her Facebook profile with ‘Main apne honeymoon par akeli gayi tthi’ status and then tagging her ex-fiancé as ‘kutta’. There’s nothing wrong about making your relationship public on Facebook, even if that means humiliating your ex!

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then do so. You will meet yourself.

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