10 Minor Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

Have you been working out rigorously in the gym or surviving only on sprouts to lose weight? But still not able to achieve the desired results? Then chances are that you have not yet adopted some minor yet effective lifestyle that can work wonders for your weight loss plan. These small changes will become your second nature over a period of time as compared to the strenuous exercises and strict calorie restrictions which is usually hard to sustain in the long run.

All you have to do is to implement following lifestyle changes to lose weight, one at a time and see the difference yourself. 

  1. Drink plenty of water

It is recommended to have at least 8 ounces of water every day. Water keeps you hydrated and also contributes in flushing out the toxins and burning the body fat. It also makes you feel full and helps in curbing the appetite. 

  1. Have soups

Have a cup of soup before your meal. This way you will eat less. However, make sure you do not add butter, cream or fried crumbs in your soup. 

  1. Replace fruit juices with fresh fruits

Whole fresh fruits are anytime a healthier alternative to fruit juices. This is because whole fruits contain fiber that is not only good for your heart and digestive system but also makes you feel more satiated. Also the calorie content in a whole fruit is lesser than the juice. 

Fibre Rich Vegetables

  1. Eat nuts

Instead of hogging on a pack of fried potato chips or cookies it is better to have a handful of raisins, walnuts and almonds. These are full of essential nutrients and keep you full for a longer period of time. 

  1. Cut down on high fat and high calorie foods

Bring down the consumption of high fat food items such as ice creams, cookies, chocolates, fries, chips, aerated drinks and butter. 

  1. Move your body frequently

Following 30 minutes of work out regime a day helps in keeping you fit and active. However, sparing the mentioned amount of time for exercise can be quite a task initially. It is thus suggested to begin by sparing just 5 minutes from your hectic schedule. Also it is not necessary to go out of your way to exercise. You may do something as simple as using a staircase instead of an elevator or walking to the nearby shop for grocery shopping rather than driving to the place. 

  1. Make an exercise buddy or a group

Workouts are more fun when you are accompanied by friends or like – minded people. You may tend to skip your morning walk or yoga session feeling lazy at times. However, when you do it with your friends or a group, you can be more regular and committed to your weight loss plan. 

  1. Pen it down

We often tend to munch on a bag of potato chips and other snack items without realizing the amount of calories we are gulping. It would be a good idea to pen down what you eat side by side to keep a track of the amount of junk food you have consumed during the day. This would help you understand what you could have avoided thereby contributing in controlling the calorie intake.  

  1. Take your beauty sleep

Studies reveal that lack of sleep can also contribute in gaining weight. Waking up till late night hours can stimulate your hunger, especially for high calorie items. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day can fetch you great weight loss benefits.

Sound-sleep to lose weight

  1. Set a routine

Setting a routine is of utmost importance. Have your meals and exercise daily at the same time to bring positive difference to your body.


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