5 Essential Communication Tips For Healthy Relationships

The spirit and essence of healthy relationships often dwell on the circuit of your life – the way you run your part down the lane with your loved ones. No matter how leveled your relationship road is, there would definitely be some unseen hurdles, prompting you to take the wrong turns.

While misunderstandings and conflicts contribute majorly to such wrecks in marriages, ever thought of certain remedies that can reassure the power of your relationships?. Read on to find out a few quick fixes.

The power of being the real you

First impressions are not always the best – at least when it comes to relationships. Be it at your office, your friend’s place or a social gathering – it is just natural for you to have different behavioral pattern, each suiting the occasion. In everyday life, it might be essential for you wear such masks; but then, is that the real you?

Successful relationship is all about good mutual understanding. No matter who you are for the world, make sure your partner knows “the real you”. Pretending to be a different personality might help you to impress people and win new relationships. But understand that, somewhere in the long run there would be instances wherein the real you would start showing off. This could be devastating when it comes to relationships and might even wreck your marriage.

There is nothing like speaking your mind

It is just another fact – speaking the truth is not always easy. You might be scared of the consequences that could possibly be triggered out of telling the truth – your partner’s immediate reaction, your fear that it might affect his feelings for you or even the mental trauma that you will have to undergo once you open up your mind.

But remember, honesty holds the key to a successful relationship. Make sure you communicate clearly to your partner about anything and everything concerning you – no matter how big or small the issue is. Don’t just worry about the little friction that might occur when you speak your mind. Remain calm and understand that as time goes by, your spouse would be happy for your sincerity.

Happy Marriage

The art of stepping into your partner’s shoes

Successful marriage is all about compromises and adjustments. Most of the problems between couples arise out of a lack of mutual understanding. Just as any story would have two versions; it is simply natural that your partner would have his own justifications and ideologies. Understand that just like you, your spouse also has many commitments and is responsible to fulfill his duties well. So, the next time before you start complaining to your partner about any silly thing, just make sure to think from his perspective too. Being considerate about your partner’s feelings and emotions is very much crucial towards a happy life.

It is not just about two people

Marriage in a way is inheritance of new obligations, commitments, emotions and even benefits – not just of your partner, but also of a new family. It is very much integral to mold your mind to accept those new faces into your life. Once you start appreciating the changes around, you would stop thinking yourself as an outsider at your partner’s home.

Your partner’s family becomes yours too and this helps you being empathetic to everyone around you. Just as in your own family, you would start to have definite voice in your spouse’s family thus avoiding conflicts to a great deal.

Mastering the skill of listening

Listening in relationships is perhaps one of the most essential, yet misinterpreted topic. It is not just enough for you to listen patiently to what your partner has to say; instead you need to listen the right way. This is very much important even at the times of tension. Most of us only listen with an intention to negotiate or reply. This is where little problems get magnified. The best way to tackle the situation is to listen with an intention to understand your partner’s stand. This might ease the friction and thus strengthen your relationship.

As elders rightly say, the true essence of an everlasting relationship is not just in finding a person you can live with; instead it is in transforming that person into someone you cannot live without. Remember that “living happily ever after” is not just true in your mother’s bedtime stories, but it is about the choices that you make in life. Learn to respect your partner for what he or she is, and then it is for sure that everything else would turn out to be in favor of  you.


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5 Essential Communication Tips For Healthy Relationships



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