6 Fruits that would give you a healthy and glowing skin!

Our skin reflects what we eat. It doesn’t matter how much you treat your skin from the outside, what matters is how healthy and nutritious your diet really is. If you don’t get the right nutrition and watch what you eat, your skin will appear dull and undernourished. Including too much sugar, highly processed and junk food can sometimes cause pimples and acne in one’s skin. You should consider including these fruits in your daily diet to get a healthy and glowing skin.


Apples are rich in Malic acid that is used in beauty products or treatments. Malic Acid is the secret of healthier, firmer and glowing youthful skin. Malic acid renews skin cells without damaging the skin layer. Fiber present in the apple gives a glowing skin from within as it cleans out the colon. It regulates proper bowel movements and thus gives one a clear pimple and acne free skin.



One can eat banana all through the year and moreover its availability in India is abundant. Banana is a good source of iron, magnesium and potassium. This moisturizes and hydrates the skin that gives suppleness to the skin. It works as an anti ageing and rejuvenate skin to give it a fuller and youthful look. It is also known to help in reducing menstrual cramps. Bananas are also rich in Vitamin A, B and E that helps in maintaining the skins firmness and make it look young. Both eating and applying this fruit on face would do miracles.



Kiwi is full of vitamin C and the amount is higher than oranges! Vitamin C which is commonly known as ascorbic acid which helps in getting rid of cold and helps in building up ones immune system. Vitamin C present in Kiwi helps in keeping the skin younger and nourished. It gives a fresh and vibrant look to the skin. Thus it’s very essential to keep your skin boosted up with fruits like Kiwis besides any citric fruits.



One can find many skin care products made up of papaya extracts in market. There are many products like facial peel, soaps, and lotions available that uses papaya extracts in them. But when you can get more benefits from the real fresh papaya then why go for all chemicals. Regular intake of papaya will ensure a bright blowing skin. It also prevents premature ageing of the skin by speeding up cell regeneration of damaged skin. One can use papaya regularly as face pack to get that beautiful glow.



Pomegranate is packed with nutrition and even its peel considered valuable. It has super food qualities. It is a antioxidant rich food and the amount is much more than any other fruits. Pomegranate juice is considered a healthy diet and should be included in daily diet. Homemade pomegranate tea is so healthy that it can even replace the goodness of green tea with better results.



Strawberries are great source of Vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acid that is commonly known as salicylic acid. This salicylic acid is great for beautiful skin. This acid helps in cleaning pores and giving a healthy youthful skin. It helps in unclogging oily pores and thus prevents any pimples or acne formation. Helps in preventing blackheads or whiteheads on the skin. The powerful antioxidant present in strawberries called ellagic acid. This acid helps in preventing collagen destruction and thus reduces any wrinkle formation. This also guards skin against any UV damage thus giving a healthy and glowing skin.




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