8 Safety Apps for Indian Women

With sexual harassment and rape cases recurrently surfacing in our country these days, safety has become a primary concern for women and their families. While carrying pepper spray, learning self defence techniques or accompanying a reliable companion may be a few secure ways to confront a threatening situation, you may be still stuck in a place when neither of these options can guard you. In such times of emergency, what you can do is to dial a distress call from your smart phone, anytime and anywhere.

Almost everyone carries a smart phone today. So what better way than a smart phone to act as your saviour and ward off the impending danger? Here are eight safety apps that you must consider downloading on your handsets to feel secure 24/7.

SOS Stay Safe

Saftey App 1

This app helps you to send SOS alerts immediately to your family and friends from your Android devices. As soon as you sense a danger, all you have to do is to press the power button thrice or shake your handset to trigger the app and it will automatically send an emergency text to your chosen contact, mentioning your current location via GPS, battery level and a one minute audio clip. This app can be also used in emergency scenarios such as domestic violence, road accidents and life threatening medical ailments.

Download SOS Stay Safe.

Scream Alarm

Saftey App 2

When you land up in a precarious situation, your voice may leave you out of fear. This is where the Scream Alarm app would come handy. It will generate a woman’s scream in high pitch soon after your push the button. The alarm will continue till you push the button again to stop it. A great app to cry out help from bystanders or thwart potential attackers!

Download Scream Alarm.


Saftey App 3

What would you do if your assailant smashes your handset? Don’t panic. Sentinel is an amazing app that will work even if you are not connected to internet or not able to activate the alarm manually. The moment there is a forced power switch off the phone or an undetected signal loss, it sends instant alerts stating your last tracked location, time and travel direction to your emergency contacts via SMS, email or call.

Download Sentinel.


Saftey App 4

Need a cab to travel to home safely after a late night from the office or a party? Then Cab4me mobile cab finder could come to your rescue. You can launch the map on your phone and choose your nearest pickup location or taxi stand. You will get a database showing a list of local cab companies along with car type availability and payment structure.

Download Cab4me for your iPhone or Android devices.

Police Nearby

Saftey App 5

Whether you are being followed by a stalker or trapped by a robber, this app will get instantaneous police assistance for you just at single click. As soon as you launch this app, it will pop a list of the nearest police stations using your GPS location.

Download Police Nearby.


Saftey App 6

With this app, you can send alert messages to your contacts using GPS, SMS, email, GPRS and location maps, simply by pressing a panic button. What is more, it also automatically updates your Facebook status with a SOS message for all your friends to know that you are in danger and track your location.

Download Fightback for Android and Nokia phones.


Saftey App 7

Developed after the Delhi gang rape case in December 2012, this app not only sends alert messages to your guardians but also allows you to capture a video clip of the incident and send it as a link along with your location as SMS to the recipients. You can even form an alert group in this app by adding people from your phone’s contact list.

Download Damini.


Want to share your harassment story with others? Then be the part of Hollaback, an international movement present across 79 cities in 26 countries, aimed to end street harassment. Here, you can click the photo of your harasser and upload it on www.ihollaback.org along with your entire harassment experience for others to be warned about. If a hollaback isn’t present in your city, you can start a one here.

Download Hollaback for iPhone and Android phones.

Have you ever used any of these safety apps yet? If yes, then do share your experience with us.

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8 Safety Apps for Indian Women

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