About Us

Kavita PrabhatHi, welcome to Sense or Nosense. My name is Kavita and I started this site when I took a break from my full time job in 2012. I am a certified sports & fitness nutritionist, which I happened to take due to unhealthy eating habits of my husband 🙂

Before starting this blog, I worked with Deloitte for 5 years.

Next to me in the pic is my husband Prabhat, who helps me in my cooking recipes and funding the investments required to run the blog.

Why Sense or Nosense?

I always had so many questions for everyday problems and after becoming a mother these questions increased exponentially. Then I thought why not to have a place where one can find answers to all such questions. Though in the recent years my focus has turned towards recipes as my son and husband have been increasingly picky with his eating habits.

My InspirationDev

I get my inspiration from my son Dev, who when gives me a headache then I think about home remedies for headache and when he is hungry I think about quick and healthy snack ideas.

So what is Sense or Nosense now?

Sense or Nosense is a blog focused on food and health related articles. Since I have interest in nutrition and my husband has interest in food it make perfect sense.

Am I doing this alone?

Not at all. Since it is not possible for me to be expert in all the areas this site talks about, we get a lot of articles written from content specialists and subject matter experts.

I also have a support team which helps me in many other ways like managing social media, putting up infographics and so many things I can’t even cover in this page. So in all I can’t do much without them.

What if You want to contribute to the site?

If you are an expert in any area which you feel will help the site audience, or if you have flair for writing and can write something which people will love to read, head over to contact us page and let me know.