Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being In A Long Distance Relationship

“Distance means so little when someone means so much”

It is not an easy decision for any couple to move into a long distance relationship. Career choices is the number one reason – be it studying at a particular location or working at one – behind choosing this option. Most people who get into such a relationship want to keep their professional priorities in place while finding a way to make the best out of a separating phase.

The long distance relationship that comes with an expiry date has a higher chance of success than an indefinite one. If you know that the reason keeping you apart (a college course or work transfer) will end in a certain period, you actually can have fun looking forward to the time out and making the best out of it.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of being in a long-distance relationship.


Making It Count:


Study says when you live far from your partner and don’t see them as much as you want, you want to make each encounter special and it means a greater level of intimacy as well. Like Jack Dawson says in Titanic, “Make it count”. You don’t have to worry about making dinner reservations at that coveted restaurant that has a 2-month waiting list because now you can afford to wait without worrying. You’ll have a lot of time in your hands to plan things out and make your partner feel like royalty.

Save Up To Make It Special:

long distance relationship

You don’t have to spend on dates every weekend, which means you get to save up a lot of money for special events like a concert, play or game night. You also get to save something on the side to splurge on extra nice gifts. And you get to save to pamper yourself with a spa day for being as brave as you are in the long distance relationship.

Vacation At A Neutral Location:

meet neutral place in a long distance relationship

Point one and two make a good case for point 3. Make it extra special when you meet. Save up to take a dream vacation during your break time. Choose a neutral location where you’ve both meaning to go for a while.

Get More Time With Friends And Family:

disadvantages of long distance relationship

Most friends and family have a lot to complain when you get into a relationship. You suddenly low down on your time spent with them and focus your attention on your partner. With time away from your partner, you have all the liberty of getting your old life back without an ounce of guild. But keep your kin prepared that this is a temporary phase so that no one is left with a bitter aftertaste.


Articulate Communication:

communication important in long distance relationship

The no. 1 reason why long distance relationships break down over a period of time is due to poor communication. Sometimes texts and messages cannot say everything you want. It can’t convey the pain in your eyes even when you have a smile on your face. The most important thing here is to not make an assumption that your partner will intuitively understand when you “give a hint”. Try not to stay angry too long and resolve issues as soon as you can.

Saying No To Distractions:

It’s common to feel lonely even in a long distance relationship when you don’t have someone to give you a hug after a long day at work. It feels even worse when you are sick or face a bad day. If a “new friend” steps in to offer a shoulder in such circumstances, you may feel yourself drawn towards them. Infidelity can spell doom in a relationship so always keep a check on your boundaries. If the loneliness becomes unbearable, simply take the next flight out for a quick break.

It May Be More Expensive:

long distance relationship is expensive

You may save up on weekend dates, but end up paying twice as much if you travel frequently for short visits. Added expenses on phone calls and data can add to your bills too. If you are married or been staying together, the added rent and maintenance of another apartment can add to the list, more if you move to one of the costlier cities.

In the end, the only thing that’ll matter is if the person on the other end of the waiting line is worth the effort. If he/she is, none of the disadvantages will be potent enough to break you apart.

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