Best Antique Coffee Grinder

There is a perfectly logical reason as to why antique coffee grinders continue to hold a strong user base even today where there are plenty of electronic options out there. That’s because the way of making the right coffee actually never changed. Typically, we still make coffee the way we did hundreds of years ago with just one difference – the modern grinders use a motor to rotate the burr. But connoisseurs know the difference between hand-ground and machine coffee and would always prefer the former. Some coffee grinders reproduce wonderful designs that date back 200 years to offer a unique taste to their customers. Here are some of the best antique coffee grinders available in the market.

Musiclily Vintage Style Ceramic Iron Burr Core Manual Coffee Grinder


Love to display your love for coffee? This antique coffee grinder helps you do that while making some great coffee on the side. Made from high quality wood, the body has a warm chestnut color that simply couldn’t translate any better for a coffee lover. The only off point is that the container below can hold only about 2 tbsp of coffee at a time. This means it’ll can be your quick fix machine but not the go-to one. It almost looks like you are grinding a secret experiment straight from a Sherlock movie and might end up solving the mystery of the most delicious coffee in town.

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Universal Housewares Gourmet Cast Iron Coffee Grinder


This Universal coffee grinder has found its mark among the best in the industry in terms of looks for antique hand grinders. Unfortunately, it does not fully justify its purpose and gives a coarse grind when at its best. Its sturdy, attractive and built to last so the best thing to do when you buy one is to learn how it can grind you the coffee you love. Although don’t expect a french press or a Turkish ground from it. It can double up to coarse grind spices at times and if nothing else then look great in your kitchen.

Foruchoice Vintage Style Coffee Grinder


This is one grinder a coffee enthusiast would love to showoff. Made with high quality wood with a chestnut finish, it has a ceramic iron core burr to make grinding faster and give the desired grind finish. It is easily operated with a manual hand crank roller drive and the ground coffee falls into the wooden drawer below (don’t forget to line the drawer with foil beforehand). The one problem point is that unlike the rest of the body, the gears are actually made out of plastic so it needs to be used with care. In any case, this cannot replace your everyday coffee grinder. It can be nice to have in your kitchen with once in while occasional use for a cup or two.

3E Home Manual Canister Stainless steel Burr Coffee Mill Grinder


The copper body coupled with the wood trim at the top and bottom will make this grinder the eye candy in your kitchen. The grinder has stainless steel burr and an adjustable knob that allows you to grind coffee for whichever type you like from pour over, French press, espresso or Turkish.You can grind almost 4 tbsp at a time and you can also use it to grind spices. If you are looking for a perfect holiday gift this season this elegant and highly functional machine can bring on a smile to anyone’s face when you gift it to them.

Manual Cast Iron Coffee Bean Grinder with Drawer


This grinder is again a very good looking one that can instantly grab attention from anyone who takes a peak into your kitchen. It is a great conversation starter piece when you welcome guests into your home and want to go the extra mile in hospitality by brewing them freshly ground coffee. The caveat here is that when you use an antique good looking grinder, it can just about improve the visual appeal of the coffee. As for the actual taste of the coffee, we recommend you try and test before you put on the big show.

When it comes to buying antique coffee grinders, it is important to go beyond the looks and examine the functionality. Antique grinders come with hand cranks and often cannot work very well if you need a french press or Turkish coffee consistency. Because more attention is paid to the looks than to the actual workings of the grinder test it for inconsistent grinds. Also, antique grinders mostly dish out very small volumes of grind and it is best to use them once in a while when you have guests. For other times, get a sturdy regular manual or electronic grinder that makes you a good brew.


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