Benefits of Boxing for Fitness

Boxing is well known as a sport that challenges an individual physically, mentally and emotionally.  A boxer’s training is strenuous, hones mental focus and develops the ability to manage emotions.  Boxing Fitness provides the best of boxing:  a great all body workout, stress relief and the opportunity to learn a skill.

boxing for fitness

Relieve Stress

One of the most exciting benefits of a boxing fitness workout is stress release.  Life is complicated.  Every day we deal with conflict, challenging decisions and the need to speak up and express who we are and what we want.  Punching a heavy bag is one of the best ways to release pent up stress and frustration.  After recovering oxygen debt, the tension in your muscles eases up, and you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

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Improve Focus

Working out on a heavy bag also clears the mind.  It takes a lot of focus to deliver fast-paced combinations- negative thoughts and self-doubt diminish as powerful punching induces confidence.  Effective and efficient movement reinforces your ability to take action in stressful situations.  In everyday life, this practice will contribute to better emotional management.

High-Intensity Cardio Workout

Boxing fitness isn’t only great for the mind and emotions. It provides a high-intensity cardio workout and exercises the entire body!  Punching is not just about the arms.  A punch is generated from the feet up, and the result of three minutes on a heavy bag fires up the body as one unit.  Unlike weight lifting, boxing lengthens and strengthens the muscles vs. developing bulky muscles.

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Strong bones and joints

Last but not least, boxing strengthens your joints and bones.  The impact you deliver through your punches returns to the body.  As you get more skilled at absorbing this force, your joints stabilize and get stronger, and your bone density increases.  This makes for healthier, stronger bones!

Guest Post by Cappy Kotzcappy cotz

Cappy Kotz, the owner of Cappy’s Boxing Gym Seattle, has long used boxing for physical, mental and emotional health.  Cappy’s Boxing Gym is a hub of community, fitness, self-improvement and fun!



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