10 Benefits of Black Tea

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Black tea accounts for around 78% sales of all tea worldwide. Black tea is consumed primarily in western countries and in south Asian countries such as India and Sri Lanka.

Black tea is prepared from the leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant; though green tea is also prepared from this plant but there is significant difference in the way black tea is processed. Not many of you may be aware that the leaves and stem of this plant are also used in the preparation of various medicines. The presence of various antioxidants make black tea a healthful drink.


Here is a look at its several health benefits of black tea:

Increases Immunity

A substance called tannins found in black tea helps in fighting against viruses that cause cold, flu, hepatitis and dysentery. It boosts your overall immunity to fight against various infections and diseases.

Keeps you Energized

Black tea contains caffeine that keeps you from feeling drowsy, boosts your efficiency and keeps you energized all through the day.

black tea health benefits

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Black tea contains antioxidants that help in reducing blood clots, decreasing the level of bad cholesterol and enhancing the functioning of your arteries. It also contains manganese and polyphenols that ease the cardiac muscle function.

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Prevents Skin Infections

Rich in various vitamins and minerals, black tea nourishes your skin. It reduces dark spots, prevents skin infections, stops pre-mature ageing of skin and speeds up the skin regeneration process. Placing moist tea bags on the under eye area reduces dark circles and puffiness.

Keeps the Digestive System Intact

Tannins present in black tea keeps intestinal and gastric problems at bay. Consuming two cups of black tea a day eases the bowel movement and helps in improving the digestive system.

digestive system

Prevents Cancer

The antioxidants, polyphenols present in black tea prevent the penetration of carcinogens thereby preventing lung, prostrate, ovarian and bladder cancer. Besides, TF-2 compound present in this tea destroys the cancer cells. The risk of oral cancer is also reduced to a large extent with its consumption.

Improves Brain Health

Black tea contains amino acid L-theanine that helps build concentration, improves mental alertness and enhances your memory. It also reduces stress level and helps you relax.

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Prevents Hair Loss

The antioxidants and caffeine present in black tea help in reducing DHT, a hormone that leads to hair loss. Regular consumption of black tea improves your hair quality, makes your hair strong and damage free and reduces hair loss.

Hair Loss-iron-deficiency

Strengthens Bones

Black tea also helps in improving your bone health and keeps your connective tissue intact.

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Black tea also helps in improving your bone health and keeps your connective tissue intact. Click To Tweet

Reduces Weight

Those of you who want to shed those extra kilos should consider having black tea. It improves the metabolism and thus helps in losing weight.

Weight loss motivation

While black tea offers numerous health benefits, you should restrict its intake to a moderate quantity, perhaps 2-3 cups a day. The caffeine present in this tea may lead to acidity. It is particularly advisable not to drink black tea after your meals as it may cause indigestion.

Let’s toast to a cup of black tea!

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10 Benefits of Black Tea


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