All About Breast Augmentation

It isn’t surprising to know that many women consider breast augmentation for various reasons. The most common one being a a naturally small boob size since puberty, which now does not compliment their figure. Then, there are mothers whose breasts have become saggy during breastfeeding. Some may have undergone a breast removal procedure or may have landed up shrinking their bust size somewhere along their weight loss spree.

Breast enlargment

If you have been facing any of such problems and are not really happy with your tiny or shapeless boobies, you may want to go for a breast augmentation procedure to increase your cup size and re-shape them. Here is your quick guide to what all you want to know before you decide to move on with this decision.

What is Breast Augmentation?

It is a kind of plastic surgery wherein ‘breast implants’ or ‘fat-graft’ (non-implant) techniques are used to surgically change the size, shape and texture of the breasts. There are primarily two reasons why women want to undergo this type of surgery.

Primary Reconstruction

After removal of cancerous breast, or after some blunt trauma to the chest or to correct congenital defects of the breasts and chest wall.


To bring about aesthetic changes in size, shape and texture of healthy breasts. Like Pamela Anderson did!

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There are basically two methods by which breast size can be surgically augmented:

Enlargement with Breast Implants

In this type of reconstruction, mammoplasty, a prosthetic or artificial implant is placed in the breast region after incising the breast from either the sides, beneath or front. The popular implant models are either saline-solution filled or silicone gel filled. You and your surgeon have to take a combined decision to use the chosen one. The size is determined according to your wish – whether you want to upgrade from your current 32 B to 34 C or 36 A The implant will make your breasts look much bigger initially, but by the end of 6 months, the anticipated size is achieved gradually. The average age of such implants is about 10 years.

silicone vs saline implants

Non-implant process

This is a liposuction procedure, also known as fat-graft mammoplasty. It involves taking out adipocyte or fat grafts from the patient’s body (usually from the thigh, belly and buttocks) by liposuction and using them with injection technology for the expansion of the breast areas. Its advantages are that the female can get unwanted fat removed from the other areas of the body, the tissues are from her own body rather than being foreign, and the ‘feel’ is more natural. However, the reconstructed breasts can reduce in volume later as some of the fat gets reabsorbed by the body in due time. Besides, the increase in size is subtler as compared to implants.


Advantages of Breast Enlargement

In the most cases, the main reason of breast augmentation is of course better aesthetics. This means that the surgery will give you bigger and rounder uplifted breasts.

Choice of a new breast size

Though every woman’s body is different and your surgeon will advise you regarding the right size, you can choose your desirable size after discussion. The implant sizes are described in millilitres, referring to the volume of gel or saline solution within the implant shell. You should get it translated in terms of cup size by your surgeon.

Improved self-esteem

One piece of advice; get the breast augmentation surgery done only for you, not for anyone else. It positively affects the self esteem of a woman. If you are desperate for that ‘perfect’ figure, go ahead and add the oomph factor to your personality.

Enhanced sexual intimacy

Men like it bigger! If that is what your partner has been looking for, you can get more intimate and enjoy a better sex life with your bigger sizes now.

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Risks and Limitations of Breast Enlargement

Untimely removal of implant

One of the few complications that the implant surgery may have is a ‘capsular contracture’. It means that an internal scar develops around the implant resulting in a hard and distorted breast. A surgical removal and replacement of the implant is then required. Besides, the healing phase is quite painful, though temporary.

An FDA study among American women concluded that about 50 % women reported rippling or rupture of implants at some point later in their lives. The implanted material like the saline solution or silicone gel may even leak and spread through lymph ducts of the breast to other areas of the body. Still, much more formal studies and research needs to be conducted to conclusively comment about the risk involved.


Although the surgical procedure is quite safe, the implant may rupture at times at a later stage in life. A silicone gel implant rupture is difficult to identify as compared to saline rupture and an MRI may be needed. Both require removal of the implant.

Regular monitoring

As the implants are foreign objects, they need to be replaced after a certain time, somewhere after 10 years if there are no complications. There is also the need for regular monitoring every two years to check the competency of the implants used.

Nevertheless, mammoplasty is one of the most frequent surgeries in India nowadays and plastic surgeons are busier than ever helping women to augment their bra sizes, especially in the metros.

Post Surgery

Though the results of a breast augmentation surgery may vary according to our body type, the general outcome is quite satisfactory. The self-confidence is boosted and you get a new and improved feminine self-image. The most common concern that surrounds the interested females is its effect on pregnancy and breast feeding. Here is some good news; as the implants are placed beneath the breasts and not within the breasts, so it is absolutely safe to conceive and breastfeed even with implanted breasts.

The scars heal up completely by 6 months and are present in discrete hidden areas. You may be advised to use special supportive bras for a few weeks after surgery. The recovery is fast and a normal up-go routine can be followed after a week post-operatively.

Breast Augmentation Cost

The cost of the procedure may vary depending upon the type of implant being used, the surgeon’s fee, hospital charges etc. There are a variety of implants being marketed in India now and the pricing may alter according to the particular model being used for you. Approximate charges may vary anywhere between $3,000 to $4,000 lakhs but you may land up with a higher or lower package.

So, if you have been contemplating to have ‘fuller’ breasts as your next big asset, take a well-thought decision after considering all its pros and cons, after effects, estimated costs and of course fathom its importance for your personal well being.

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All About Breast Augmentation

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