How to make your budget car feel like a luxury one?

Luxury isn’t in the mind of the beholder. It is out there to touch, feel and experience. And it need not be pricey. If you’ve recently bought a car and are working out the EMI and fuel costs, indulging in luxury features may not be on top of your mind. But, with a little research and knowledge, your car next door can take a 360-degree turn to be featured in the car supermodel magazine – all without you going bankrupt.


The trick with car accessories is knowing which ones you really need and then to find it in a budget that fits your wallet.  Here are a few that can redesign the look and feel to your car:

Music system

Spending long hours stuck in traffic sounds like the most common scenario for office travelers these days. It increases stress and tension and makes you more irritable by the time you get to work or get back home. Music is one of the best stress busters that can help you pass this difficult time with a bit of ease. A base branded music system is available for $50 but let us give that a skip for a minute.

How about a music system that makes you feel like your favorite band is actually performing on the backseat. Bose’s automotive collection works wonderfully when fitted with the right type of subwoofer box and powerful amplifier unit. It takes your music experience to a whole new level

Leather interiors

As far as car interiors go, the right leather can completely change the perception of a car’s luxury status. Couple that with temperature control and you are in for an indulgence. Companies like Katzkin offer a favour by removing your ugly car cloth cover and replace it with tailor-made custom fit leather interiors. Want to go the extra mile? Select a Chip Foose-designed addition to your car. Now, that is real luxury for you and a real beauty for your car.


In addition to a great look, you can also increase the seat’s functional value by adding a thermos-electric heater or cooler. It’ll keep you extra cool in hot, humid summers and moderately warm on a chilly winter morning.

A seat massager

This just keeps getting better and better. Now that the leather seats are in place, all you need is a personal masseuse. Fit your seat with a massager that works on your back as your drive. The good ones come with multiple massage selections and work from the neck to lower back. Such a great idea to get a perfect massage before you get to work and after you get off too. Massagers range from $50 – $200 so you can take a pick on choosing one that specifically fits your back’s massage needs.

Windscreen display

The Head Up Display or HUD is a feature of luxury cars that are straight taken out of the movies. It reflects the speed and at times navigation on the windshield optimizing the driving experience for the driver and putting on a show for the others in the car. The HUD can be bought separately and modified to fit your specific needs. Needless to say, it can leave quite an impression on your riders.


Portable car fridge

If luxury were to be fitted inside a box, it would be icy cool and ready to quench your thirst and look uber cool doing it. The fridge can be charged using the car’s socket and keep your stock of a few liters cold drinks chilled on a hot day. It is bound to keep your friends and family happy during the car ride. The low-end models start at $50 and can go beyond $200. It is a great one-time investment that can be worth your while.


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