Cards Against Humanity Expansion List

Are you looking for cards against humanity expansion list? If you are already a fan of Cards Against Humanity, the very recent and interesting game and have completed the first set and want new additions to it then there are expansions available online for you to buy.

Cards against humanity expansion list consist of six new expansions till now. Each expansion of this game has 100 new cards and 12 blank cards for you to write your own idea. Doesn’t that sound interesting to fill the blank spaces with some original, creative and interesting ideas of yours?

You can buy any pack of your choice but it is better to start from the first expansion because the jokes level up in each expansion. And all the expansions come with a set of brand new cards. Also, all the expansions are worth 10 dollars on The suitable age for all the expansions is 17 years and above.

Let us have a closer look at each expansion now!

Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion

This expansion will fill your room with laughter as it has got many hilarious cards. The first expansion, with a total of 100 new cards has 80 white cards and 20 black cards. There are also 12 bonus blank cards with 8 blank white and 4 blank black cards. The letters are printed on premium playing cards. The first expansion is currently rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon which is a very good score. This means that the product is good and people love it.


Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion

There is a slight variation in the number of cards in the second expansion compared to the first one. The total number of cards is the same i.e. 100 but the number of white and black cards is different. The second expansion comes with 75 white and 25 black cards. You will get 12 bonus blank cards with this expansion also. This expansion has also received good ratings and reviews from the customers and has been considered a good adult party game! So why not try this expansion to delight and amuse your guests in the coming party!


Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion

If you are already bored with playing the first and second expansions of this game, then you should go for some new cards. The third expansion has a whole new set of 75 white cards and 25 new black cards. And it’s not a bad idea to go for a whole new set if you have been playing with the earlier expansions for months.


Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion

It is not necessary that you need to buy all these expansions in order. You can buy the fourth expansion at first and then the others later on but its better you buy them in order just for curiosity. The fourth expansion comes with a whole new set of cards. There is again a slight variation in the number of white and black cards compared to the earlier ones. In this expansion, there are 70 new white cards and 30 new black cards.


Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion

In the fifth expansion, the number of white and black cards is similar to that of second and third expansions. The interesting part about this expansion is that you get a set of 12 blank cards for you to add your own ideas into the game.


Cards Against Humanity: Sixth Expansion

This is the final expansion that falls under this category and like all the other expansions, the sixth expansion too has a total of brand new cards. The number of white and black cards are 75 and 25 respectively.


Cards against humanity is getting popular day by day! It has already become an interesting time-pass strategy for many people across the world. If you have not yet tried this game, order your pack today and start playing! Also, it is a good way to first play this game online as it will give you a fair idea about the game. If you love playing it online, you will definitely want to buy your own pack. And amazon is there to help you get your favorite pack in an easy way!

If you want more cards, you can also buy their holiday pack.

Here is a video showing unboxing of their expansion packs:


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