Cards Against Humanity Holiday Pack List

The Cards Against Humanity game is loved by many people. Apart from the main set of cards, many new sets that are available online for you to buy.  There are six expansion lists with brand new sets of cards. Apart from that there are many other packs, for example- the holiday pack, Jew pack, geek pack, etc. We are going to talk about the cards against humanity holiday pack in this article.

The company since 2012 launches Holiday packs every year in the holiday season and holidays for most of us mean days of fun full activities.

Cards Against Humanity: 2012 Holiday Pack

This pack was launched in 2012 and the company launches one of these packs each year during the holiday season. The 2012 holiday pack contains 30 cards with 24 white and 6 black cards. One thing you should take care of is that this is an expansion and you will have to buy the main game which costs about 25 dollars in order to use these card sets properly. If you have not already bought this game, then hurry up and order it right now to take full advantage of the Holiday Packs. The company claims that the profit made by selling this 2012 holiday pack is donated to the Wikimedia foundation. 59% people have given this pack 5 star rating on


Cards Against Humanity:2013 Holiday Pack     

The 2013 cards against humanity holiday Pack was launched in the year 2013 as the name suggests. This pack is a little different from the previous holiday pack in terms of number of black and white cards. In the 2013 version of holiday pack, you will get 23 white cards and 7 black cards. You will definitely get new set of cards that are leveled up as compared to the 2012 Holiday pack as this is a new version and it is obvious that whenever a company launches a new model then there will be up-gradations in the newer version. This pack costs ten dollars on Cards Against Humanity donates 100 percent profit made by selling this pack to


Cards Against Humanity: 2014 Holiday Pack

The company restored the number of white and black cards in the 2014 cards against humanity holiday pack of cards against humanity game. By restored we mean that in the earlier pack there were 23 white and 7 black cards but in the 2014 pack the number of white and black cards were same as that of 2012 Holiday Pack i.e. 24 white cards and 6 black cards. This was the final holiday pack released by cards against humanity and after this no other official packs have been released. Chances are there that soon new holiday packs would be launched with completely new sets of advance jokes. But for that you will have to stay updated every time and keep checking Amazon or the official website of this game for new updates.


All these packs have the same price, they cost 10 dollars. You might be thinking that the six expansions sold by this company costs 10 dollars and the expansions include 100 new card sets and 12 extra blank cards for you to add your own sentences to improve the game from your side but the cards against holiday pack consists of only 30 cards.  Don’t think it that way because holiday packs are special cards and they will improve your game and will make it more interesting. So, you should give it a try. If you want, you can order all the three Holiday Packs from and increase the number of cards for more fun.

No holiday pack is available as free download officially and therefore, you will have to buy them online. For more cards, you can also buy their expansion packs.


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