Benefits of Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

There have been many claims regarding weight loss by consuming chia seeds.  Chia seeds have been found to be very beneficial in terms of nutrients and consuming them in a balanced way would definitely add to your health benefits. Chia seeds are also known as Salvia hispanica scientifically. They are very easy to grow at your home too. You just need to follow some simple steps and once they start to grow you can take advantage of your chia seeds.


For losing weight you will have to prepare a mixed plan and if you want to include chia seeds into that plan then there are many benefits of chia seeds for weight loss which we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

The fiber in the chia helps

  • Chia seeds have high fiber content and consuming chia seeds in good amount can keep your tummy tucked up for hours without making you feel hungry.
  • So, that can help as you won’t be eating every time and consuming calories in a higher amount.
  • The fiber actually absorbs a large amount of water and you might have heard that chia seeds can grow up to a large volume, larger than its actual size. And that’s the reason why our stomach is filled up for a longer time.

Chia contains protein too

Protein diets are recommended for people who want to lose weight. The idea behind recommending such diet is the same as that mentioned in the first point. Protein too keeps our stomach full for hours and prevents us from eating anything between our breakfast and lunch time. You can have protein diets in your breakfast.

Chia also contains a large amount of protein and therefore can be beneficial for weight loss. There are also lots of other foods like milk and meat that contain protein. So, for vegetarians chia can be a good protein source.

Chia for morning breakfast

Many doctors and specialists in nutrition recommend that whether you have lunch in the afternoon or not but you should have a good diet for breakfast.


Now, why is that essential? For example, you have dinner at 8 pm and then your daily breakfast time is around 8 am in the morning. For 12 hours you have nothing to eat as you will be sleeping.

If you don’t eat well in the morning you will again start feeling hungry and start snacking every few hours. Probably you might eat outside and the food might be high in calories and the probability of gaining weight would increase. So, you can have heavy breakfast in the morning so, that you don’t eat every time. Chia can be very good for morning breakfast. You can add chia gel in your yogurt or if you prefer on your bread as well.

Chia seeds are low in calories

Chia seeds contain fewer carbs and are high in fiber. Chia seeds are low in calorie and this is one key feature in beneficiating your weight loss program.  Chia seeds also have a cholesterol controlling feature that is good for the heart too. You probably have heard of Omega3 fatty acids playing a crucial role in that.

Chia provides energy too

In ancient times chia was considered a food that provided a lot of strength. Chia indeed has got energy. And if you have some before doing your workout, it would be great for you. Do your work out after 15-20 minutes of having the chia gel or seed

Eating chia only for losing weight won’t be enough. You will have to follow the following things as well:

Balanced diet

Add all kind of nutrients in your diet along with chia seeds. Eat green vegetables, cucumber, tomatoes, bitter gourd and all the other healthy items every day. Integrating all these would keep your body fit and you will always be active and losing weight will be a piece of cake for you.

Fibre Rich Vegetables

Intense or moderate workout

You should do at least 10 to 15 minutes of intense workout or 30 minutes of moderate workout every day. The more you sweat, the more you will lose weight and you will be in a better shape.

Avoid fast foods

You should avoid eating out as the food you eat in restaurant contain a lot of calories and if you have a habit of eating out every day then probably you will have a big belly or you already have it!  So, just avoid fried stuff and other food with high calorific value.

Junk food

Add chia to most of your meal

Adding chia seeds or chia gel won’t change much about the taste of food but they would surely increase the nutritious values.  As mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, chia contains Omega3 fatty acids, good carbs, proteins (about 14 percent, which is more than the amount most of the plant products contain) and other valuable nutrients. So, you can prepare gel from chia seeds by simply mixing them with water or you can also add the seeds directly to your food. Smoothies, yogurts, salads, your ever day meal, all taste good with chia in them. So, basically adding chia to your food won’t change its calorific value.            

Add chia to your weight loss drinks

If you want to reap the benefits of Chia seeds for weight loss, add them into your healthy drinks. If you drink green tea or any other drink for losing your weight, you can also add some chia to them.


The purpose is also the same here i.e. adding some health benefits without altering the calorie amount. You know, the more calories you consume, more likely you are to gain weight if the consumed amount is not burnt by working out.

  • Though chia seeds have their own significance and people find these seeds very useful, there are not much evidence that proves that by eating chia seeds only  you would reduce your weight.
  • However, using Chia seeds for weight loss will be fruitful if you combine it with a healthy lifestyle and a regular workout plan.

But chia can increase your body’s capacity to burn more calories. Keep one more thing in mind that if you are taking medicines related to diabetes, cardiovascular health or anything then, do not start consuming chia seeds in large amounts as there might be some side effects. So, the best thing is to consult an expert for this.

Consuming chia seeds in small amounts won’t do much harm in any respect. Chia seeds are a good product and very effective properties that affect your health in a positive way. Chia gives benefits to your skin, hair and also your internal health. You are getting all these benefits in just a small seeds. So, it is a product on which you can spend some money and find some benefits yourself!


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