Early Early Signs of Pregnancy

Have you missed your periods? Wondering if you are pregnant or not? Seems too early to go for a home pregnancy test? Well, there are a few really early signs of pregnancy that shall help you understand whether you have conceived or not and give the good news to your loved ones.


Nausea is one of the most early signs of pregnancy. Though many women may not experience it initially, some begin to feel nauseated from the very start. Some of you may just have a vomiting sensation while others may puke a few times a day. So if you have missed your period and are feeling nauseated too, chances are that you have conceived. In case you have irregular periods and missing a date doesn’t bother you. Do take a home pregnancy test if you continue to experience nausea continually for a few days.


Food Repugnance

The aroma or taste of certain food items may make you feel to throw up. It is believed that this occurs due to the sudden increase in the estrogen level in a pregnant woman. At times you start disliking some food items you truly enjoyed earlier.

Tender Breasts

Another one of early sings of pregnancy is tender or swollen breasts caused due to the increased level of estrogen, progesterone or blood flowing the body. In addition to this, your nipples may start protruding more than they do otherwise and you may even notice your areolas getting darker.


Many women may experience stomach cramps during early pregnancy.As the uterus of a pregnant woman expands to make space for the baby, the muscles and ligaments supporting uterus stretch and may cause cramping. This is usually felt in the lower abdomen. You may even feel heaviness, pain and discomfort.

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination may also be an indication that you are pregnant. This occurs due to the changes in hormones that cause the blood to flow quickly to your kidneys and fills your bladder.


You may experience light spotting or bleeding for a few days during the initial phase of pregnancy. Do not mistake it for your periods. This may be a sign that you have conceived. Some of you may even have a milky white discharge during the initial phase.


Though constipation is a common problem and may occur due to wrong eating habits or erratic lifestyle. However if you suffer from constipation coupled with missed period, then it calls for a home pregnancy test.


If you tend to get tired easily, feel dizzy all through the day and are finding it hard to complete your routine tasks since a few days then chances are that you may be pregnant.

Fatigue during pregnancy

Mood Swings

Mood swings occur due to hormonal changes. You may feel super excited at one moment and the very next moment you might feel depressed. You may not be able to concentrate on work and may feel that you are unable to handle your daily tasks. Such rapid shifts in mood may be an indication that you are pregnant.

Do remember that early pregnancy signs vary from woman to woman and it is best to consult your doctor to confirm your pregnancy.

How did you discover that you were on your way to motherhood?

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