5 Easy Exercise Tips For Working Women

We all know that regular exercise is the driver for burning calories and has both immediate and long-lasting effects. Regular exercise and good physical fitness can make you feel better, give you more energy and perhaps even help you live longer.

The recommended amount of exercise per week is at least 30 minutes of exercise, or some type of physical activity, six days a week. But, many busy working women have a hard time finding a 30-minute chunk of time each day to exercise. They’ve not only got their job to do, but they’ve probably also got a family that needs attention too. Here are 5 easy exercise tips for to help working women fit some exercise into their busy lifestyles.

Exercise tips working women

You Don’t Have To Do It All In One Go

Various studies have found is that three 10-minute periods of exercising per day is just as beneficial as one 30-minute period. For instance, you could go for a brisk walk in the morning, at noon and again in the evening. The health benefit is the same as walking briskly for one 30-minute period. Almost everyone can find a few 10 minute periods in their schedule each day.

Plan Exercise Into Your Day

There are lots of opportunities during the day where you can get some exercise. For example, if you drive to work or to the supermarket, park at the far end or top floor of the car park and walk the extra distance. Always take the stairs and not the lift or escalator. If you’re on public transportation, get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. Playing with your children is a wonderfully easy exercise and the children love it too! They love to run around and be active while outside.

Interval Training

When you do get the gym and you’re tight on time you’ll want to use your 30-minute exercise window in the most effective way possible. Forget about staying on the treadmill, running, cycling or cross trainer for 30 minutes at a constant pace. Use 3 different machines for 10 minutes each using an interval training routine. These are done by maintaining a constant and steady pace for one minute and then up your speed to the fastest that you can manage for the next minute, before returning to the steady pace. Keep repeating this process for 10 minutes. Interval training works because your heart is constantly being driven to work hard and then starts to relax again and this constant change of heart pace means that you get a more effective workout.

Find An Exercise You Enjoy

Exercise can cause a negative reaction among many people. That’s because exercising can become repetitious and boring. It should be something that you want to do rather than something that you feel you have to do. Try out some new activities and find one that you enjoy and that you can stick with for the long term. You will only be able to stick with an exercise routine if you enjoy it. And they don’t all have to be done at the gym. For example, walking, cycling, swimming and dancing are all great forms of exercise.

Get A Workout Buddy

Not only does exercising with another person make you accountable to them, it also makes it harder to skip a workout. It’s great fun to exercise with somebody that keeps your company because it gives you a chance to catch up and do something together. It can be your better half, significant other, a personal friend or even someone from your work.

Exercise Tips For Working Women

Bе ѕurе tо start оff exercising gradually, increasing thе amount уоu exercise аnd thе intensity оf thе workout littlе bу littlе еасh day. People almost always overestimate their ability to exercise. A good rule of thumb is to start a routine at 30% less than you think you can manage and then work your way up from there. Then, instead of you overestimating and feeling guilty that you’ve not achieved your exercise goals when you underestimate you’ll feel good about exceeding your goals.

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