Espresso vs. Coffee, which one is better?

‘Espresso vs coffee’ is a long and ‘tasty debate! It is indeed interesting to read about ‘Espresso vs coffee’ as differences in coffee forms do exist! There are multiple ways to make best coffee. Though, talking about the most famous forms of coffee is the Espresso and regular coffee. Both these types are differential in origin, taste, and texture as well. Both these coffees are preferred as per the taste preference of the individuals. Some would prefer the regular coffee whereas the other prefers Espresso.

Here we are discussing the comparison between Espressos vs. Coffee!


The major difference between the Espresso and regular coffee is the fine ground being sued here along with the brewing time used for preparation. Mostly Espresso is prepared in much shorter time as compared to the regular coffee. Also, the caffeine content in regular coffee is higher as compared to the espresso coffee.


Difference between Espressos vs. Drip Coffee

The table below shows a clear differentiation between the Espresso and the regular coffee:-

Comparison Feature Coffee Espresso
Type of Consumption This coffee is consumed in the form of regular Drip Coffee Espresso is supposed to be both Milk Based/ Water Based. Any of the forms of consumption can be used for consuming it.
Content of Caffeine The caffeine content in drip coffee is 80-185 mg/8 ounce serving, based on the method of preparation used and time for brewing. The caffeine content in Espresso is around 40-75 mg/1 ounce serving
Cultural Association This coffee has a fast-paced cultural association This coffee is used in the culturally associated form of compressed brewing.
Origin Time period This coffee originated long back in 9th Century AD and is considered to be more primitive in origin as compared to the other forms of coffee This type of coffee originated around 16th Century AD, long after the origination of drip coffee
Origin Place Drip coffee was originated in Yemen & Ethiopia The Espresso is the originated in the Arabian Peninsula
Method of Brewing The method of brewing used here is through ground beans placed in a filter and allowed to machine brew Espresso is prepared by forcing small amount of  hot water via finely ground and tamped coffee to prepare the concentrated beverage through the Espresso machine
Flavour This type of coffee at times lacks the full flavours and oils of the coffee beans due to the paper filter present in the preparation process. It filters away the original flavour of the coffee being used in the process. Espresso is a blend of different coffee beans neutralising any bitter taste or flavours. The machine brews and thus removes any bitterness for an extra smooth and sweet taste of a perfect cup of coffee.
Body Drip coffee has a lighter body feel due to the presence of the filter used in the preparation process Whereas espresso has a fuller body existence due to the retention of the natural flavours during the preparation process
Aroma No over-burnt or bitter aroma present in drip coffee, unless and until something goes wrong in the preparation process. Similarly, no over-burnt or bitter aroma present, unless and until something goes wrong in the preparation process of espresso machine
Bitterness of Taste Regular drips are considered to be more bitter in taste Espressos are considered to offer well-balanced taste for full flavour offering for a perfect cup of coffee
Acidity and PH level test Drip coffee is considered to be more acidic and high on PH scale due to longer preparation time needed Espressos are considered less acidic due to less preparation time and simultaneously low on the PH level test
Health Constraints Due to high caffeine content, this type of coffee affects health factors on a large scale. It may raise blood pressure levels and anxiety levels as well. Due to low caffeine content, Espresso is better and good for health. It has a lower side effect on health. Also, some of the oils found in Espresso are recommended as beneficial for body health.
Recommended size for serve The recommended size for normal serve is 8 fluid ounces The recommended size for normal serve is 1 fluid ounce

This shows a clear comparison chart between both the forms of coffee i.e. Espresso vs. Coffee. Going through the chart one could definitely understand the difference between both these types. Choose your coffee as per your taste preference and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

Nonetheless, as per the comparison, Espresso is supposed to be the better choice as compared to the regular drip coffee. The main reason behind the same is the low caffeine content in Espresso as compared to the drip coffee. Caffeine is considered to be harmful to health due to its ability to increase the chances of high blood pressure and anxiety levels.

No matter, whatever we get to read on ‘Espresso vs coffee’, but the final choice of the coffee is in our hands! However, one should prefer Espresso to retain the health benefits as well.


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