Foods that Reduce Mucus and Restore Your Body’s Balance

When we feel sick, the lousy sensation makes us want to immediately go to a doctor, pop a pill and get better. Over the years, while these medicines have done a quick fix job, we, as humans have learned that natural healers are the best. They not only cure us but do so without any side effects. It is a difficult choice to choose a slow healing process when all you want to do is fix yourself for the next important presentation at work.

The problem is particularly amplified when you have a runny nose. Coupled with a cough and a headache, it can ‘run over’ the best of days. While the weather is a big culprit in triggering it, we also often tend to eat things that can cause an excessive mucus problem.

What is mucus?

reduce mucus

Mucus is one of the essential sticky fluids produced by our body to protect our organs from external pathogens like virus, fungi, and bacteria. The stickiness traps foreign bodies that enter our bodies from various sources like the food we eat or the air we breathe and trap it and prevent it from invading our body. Sometimes, in order to ‘fight’ with these invaders, the body ends up producing excessive mucus which is ejected by the body using various methods. Mucus also plays an extremely important in the human reproductive system and without it, we really may not exist! So now, when you look that runny nosey and curse your luck, you better think again! Not all mucus is bad.

What triggers excess mucus?

Environmental factors, like a weather change, allergy causing agents, and certain types of food, like dairy and wheat, are the prime causes of excessive mucus. This differs from person to person on the basis of their body’s immune system, tolerance, and allergy-fighting capacity. You can know more about mucus triggering agents here.

Can natural foods help reduce mucus?

fruits and vegetables

Foods that help the body function ‘normally’ are the key here. They should be easy to digest, full of essential nutrients and should be had frequently enough to pull back the excessive mucus.

Raw fruits and vegetables are the best mucus cleansers from nature. Do use your discretion here to reduce mucus from your body. There are a few fruits and vegetables like bananas, potatoes, and cauliflowers which can do more harm than good when you already have a mucus problem. But the others are just fine. When you switch to a raw fruits and vegetable diet, you’ll not only see your mucus problem subside but also see your overall health improve 10-fold!

What foods can help reduce mucus?

Radish: It may not have the best smell in the world but it can work like a magic pill when you have a cold. A radish/horse radish is one of the best mucus cleansers in the world. You can grate it raw and have it with some lime juice and salt as a salad. Add a dash of ginger and sauteed garlic and you have a perfect side dish that can go with your bread. You will love to eat this even when you don’t have a cold!

Leafy greens and herbs: Green is a healer. Mix together a quick bowl of spinach and kale salad for best results

Ginger and turmeric: Known for its healing properties, turmeric is great to fight infections and ginger is a great healer for colds. No wonder that ginger and lemon tea sounds like what you exactly need

Onions: Onions may make you cry but they can heal you from the inside. Have a bowl of hot french onion soup to get a quick relief from your cold.


See the recipe here

Lemon / Lime: The vitamin C in lemon is a perfect way to fight off the excessive mucus. You can simply squeeze some drops in luke warm water and have it as is or with honey

Oranges: Again a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, it tastes great and can be a perfect snack during a long day when you are running errands and working hard.

Fruits like apple, pears, melons and peaches are beneficial in the treatment of a cold too.

A recipe that helps you to reduce mucus

Yes! We have a great recipe put together for you to cheer you up when you feel under the weather. Made with parsley, radishes, celery and ginger, it tastes great too.


Check out the recipe here.

And last but not the least, don’t forget to take a pit stop and get some rest.A good night sleep after this wonderful dish will get you going sooner than you think.

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Foods that Reduce Mucus and Restore Your Body’s Balance

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