Why Should You Always Drink Fresh Ground Coffee?

Do you think every type of coffee is same? If yes! We suggest you have a look at this write-up. There are mainly the two types of coffees that we are differentiating here. The use of both these types is essential and differential as well.

These coffee types are the fresh ground coffee and the pre-ground coffee. Both these types are different and one of these is definitely more preferred due to the quality it contains. In fact, the fresh ground coffee is far more superior as compared to the pre-ground coffee. The whole coffee beans are supposed to stay fresh approx thrice as long as the pre-ground coffee. This is the prime reason behind recommending one of the categories over the other.


In fact, it is believed that the fresh ground coffee has lot many benefits as compared to the pre-ground coffee.

What are the benefits of fresh ground coffee vs. pre-ground coffee?

The main reason behind preferring fresh ground coffee is the freshness it keeps intact, both in the case of aroma, taste, and blend. As the pre-ground coffee is ground long before this freshness and consistency some or the other way gets lost. Even sealing the pack doesn’t have a competition with the fresh ground beans at all.

Mentioned here are the benefits of fresh ground coffee as compared to the pre-ground coffee:-

  1. Fresh ground coffee as the name suggest is the freshest form of coffee as compared to those already ground coffee beans, packed long back.
  2. Both the taste and aroma of fresh coffee remain intact due to existence in the non-processed form. Whereas on the other hand, the already processed coffee beans are low in both these contents.
  3. Due to a long background process has taken place the coffee beans may also lose the essential healthy oils from their beans. This is not the case with the fresh ground coffee
  4. The texture of fresh coffee is far better and appealing as compared to the pre-ground textured coffee beans.
  5. If one wishes to taste the perfect taste of the coffee, the fresh category of the coffee is a better option as compared to the pre-ground form available in the packed form.
  6. This also saves the money in comparison to buying small packets of pre-ground coffee.
  7. The fresh ground coffee offers an option of selecting the preferred beans as per our choice. However, this option remains gone in case of the other form.


What points should be taken care while grinding coffee?

Grinding coffee is a simple process of churning down the solid roasted coffee beans into the finest dust format. This process needs a little bit of careful attention to get the right taste and aroma of the perfect cup of coffee.

Mentioned below are some of the points that need to be taken care while grinding the fresh ground coffee beans:-

  1. The process of grinding must be done with the point of view to retain the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans, not just with the point to grind the coffee.
  2. Both the organic and inorganic components of the coffee must be retained.
  3. Proper grinding of the coffee beans is a must in order to ensure that a high-quality cup of coffee can be prepared with it. Inadequate grinding of the beans will produce the coffee that is weak in taste and flavorless too.
  4. Also one should keep in mind that excessive grinding can also cause staling/ oxidation of the coffee as well. Thus this should be avoided during the process.
  5. The choice of the right coffee grinder is another important component of the process. Burr Coffee Grinders are always preferred choices over the blade coffee grinders. The prime reason being the consistent grind size it offers as compared to the other. Also, it avoids the coffee beans from getting over-heated, creating an unusual taste.
  6. Always use the grinders that are better at handling oily or flavored coffee beans without any blockage.
  7. The coffee being ground must be done with the uniformity of the particle size. This keeps the texture and uniformity intact for the ground coffee beans. In fact, the coffee grind size plays an important role for different types of coffee being prepared using them. For example- brewed coffee or Espresso.
  8. Few of the coffee preparation would prefer a fine grind whereas some would need a fine grind. For Example- The French Press Brewed coffee needs a coarse grind of the coffee beans and that for an Express is a very fine grind.
  9. The temperature and external humidity also affects the grinding process for the coffee. Thus both the temperature and humidity constraints must be monitored in the favor of grinding the right texture of the ground coffee.
  10. The grind size must also be monitored and maintained as per the type of the Espresso machine being used. For Example- A pump-driven machine can handle coarse grains of coffee but for a steam driven Espresso machine, the finer grind is a must. This is because the machine is less capable of handling the coarse grains due to less pressure push.

Thus by keeping these points in mind one can definitely understand how important fresh ground coffee is and the points one should remember while performing the grinding process.


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