Gadgets For Modern Kitchen

A kitchen has become a very much happening place these days, thanks to the advent of modern appliances that are unique in both looks and functionality. You no longer have to toil for hours in the kitchen, whipping up a storm. Convenience, taste and / or health – these appliances suit every one’s requirement.

Here are some of the latest must-haves in a modern kitchen that make cooking a breeze, even for the beginners.

Air Fryers

If you are one of those who just can’t let go of fried foods, but desperately want to cut off the oil from your meals, you can happily splurge on an air fryer which prepares yummy food through hot air technology. Easy to use and highly energy efficient, this device serves crisp French fries, grilled vegetables, perfectly baked muffins and even chicken tenders minus all the fat as compared to the regular deep frying technique.

Air Fryer

Induction Cook Top

This chic looking cooking source is equally time-saving and power efficient too. An induction cook top heats up food faster than a traditional gas stove and is far safer to use as it cools down quickly after the cooking utensil is removed. Using a proper cookware, you can become a smart cook in almost no time with this power sourced device.

Induction Cooktop

Halogen Oven

Another roaring name in the kitchen gadgets market, you will love the sight of this trendy apparatus on your kitchen shelf. If cooking simply does not appeal to you because of the long time you need to commit, you must check out the halogen oven which claims to cook food 8 times faster. Not only that, you can achieve your nutrition goals as well while cooking in a halogen oven as it uses very little oil.

Halogen oven

Wet Grinder

Preparing  batters and pastes for different types of food is typical in Indian households. However, this preparation is very time consuming too. A wet grinder will help you considerably in making the perfect batters for Idli and Dosa, vegetable pulps and a wide variety of semi-solid purees and mixes. The heavy roller stone placed within the grinder grinds the lentils or seeds without heating the paste and thus preserves the micro-nutrients of the batter. Wet grinding was never so hassle-free before!

Wet Grinder


An OTG (Oven Toaster Griller) is an innovative friend for anyone who loves baking and cooking. This convection based versatile oven can toast bread, grill food, or re-heat leftovers directly out of the fridge. Now, you don’t have to queue up in your favourite bakery for fresh muffins. Or, how about surprising your dear ones by baking them a soft centered sponge chocolate cake?



Once a fancy kitchen gadget, the microwave has gradually crept into the lifestyle of a modern family and created a distinct space on the kitchen shelf. Used for cooking, heating or re-heating, it proves handy on all occasions. Instant cakes, spongy Idlis, oil-less sautéing, roasting powders, cooking pulses, rice, chicken and fish tikkas are just a few of the foods among others that can be made in the microwave in almost no time.


In today’s world, smart cooking is the need of the hour and all these gadgets prove their worth well!