10 Fun Ways to Getting Motivated to Lose Weight

Are you a person, who looks for excuses when it comes to losing weight? Do you hate going to the gym day after day? Losing some excess pounds can also be fun, if you know what to do. Here are 10 fun ways to getting motivated to lose weight.

Weight loss motivation

Here are ten easy ways to lose some unwanted weight WHILE having fun!


The humble Affirmations work, there is no doubt about it. For weight loss, you could say, “I am healthy and fit” or “I am trim and slim”. Affirmations should always be in the present tense. Don’t say “I will…” or “I am going to be…” instead make it ‘happen’ NOW. Always start the day with the affirmation. Say and feel it! Look in the mirror and smile! Say your affirmation loud and proud!

Tip: Insert some dance moves too!

Realistic goal please!

Let’s face it, losing weight is not easy. A realistic and specific goal is needed. How much weight do you want to lose in two weeks? 4-6 pounds? 5-7 pounds? Remember, the keyword here is realistic! Do you think you can lose the excess pounds in the given time frame? If not, then adjust. Don’t get discourage.

Tip: Remember you did not join a boot camp! Relax.


Get Inspired!

Go over some magazines. Look for a whole body picture of someone with the weight/look you like. Cut the picture and tape it in a place where you can always see it, like your bedside. The moment you wake up, say your affirmation, look at the picture and get inspired the whole day. Do this every day!

Tip: Cut a picture of your own face and paste it on the body shot of the chosen model.

Inspiration weight loss

First outfit for the ‘New you’!

If you can afford it, purchase an outfit you would like to use the moment you achieve your target weight. Imagine yourself in that outfit. Make sure you imagine the complete ensemble – make up, clothes, shoes, etc. Don’t forget the place too! Where will use the outfit? Imagine the complete package. If you can’t afford a new outfit, then look for an outfit in your closet that looks great before the excess pounds.

Tip: Take a picture of the outfit and the place too.

Have a ‘sweet’ cheat day!

Saying no to sweet treats forever is not just hard, it is crazy! The best is to set a ‘cheat day’; once every week or every two weeks. During ‘cheat day’, taste all the treats you like but in small servings. Just satisfy your craving. Don’t gulp it all down with one bite.

Tip: Relish every bite! This is best done with eyes closed!

Make exercise fun!

Exercising is sometimes a turn-off factor in losing weight! Most people would say “Do I have to!??” Well, yes and no. If you do something you really like, then it isn’t ‘work’, right? So, look for a physical activity you really like. Not because other people are doing it, but because you enjoy it. Biking? Badminton? Walking? Frisbee? Wall climbing?

Tip: Learn a new activity every month.


A lot of people hate household chores. So you either hire a housemaid or never clean your home. But you can look at household chores as a way to lose some pounds. You don’t need to always use a floor polisher for your wooden flooring; you can polish the floor manually. You can use two rags (one for each foot) and polish the whole house for thirty minutes or one hour. End output would be toned legs plus super shiny floors! That is what you call multitasking! How about cleaning all the glass windows of your home? Output? Trimmed arms and squeaky-clean windows!

Tip: Clean one room per day – from ceiling to floor.


You don’t really need to stop eating things you like. Calorie counting is also time-consuming. What one should do is just eat in moderation. Drink a glass of water before mealtime. This would help you feel full too.

Tip: If you are not hungry, don’t eat. But do not starve yourself.

Plus one

Aside from an interesting physical activity add walking every other day to your itinerary. Start with a fifteen-minute walk then increase it gradually.

Tip: No one to walk with? Then get/borrow a canine walking partner! Dogs love to walk.

Never give up!

So after two weeks you got your target weight…fantastic! Did not achieve the target weight, but it’s getting there? That’s great too! No change in weight? Try to make some adjustments then. Aside from badminton and walking why not add biking too? Or swimming, walking plus dodge ball?

Tip: Adjust and adjust some more. Just don’t quit!


Remember, losing weight is not the only goal. It is also important to have a healthy lifestyle as well. The benefits from a healthy lifestyle are manifold and they would motivate you to gradually drop the excess kilos as well.



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