Green Tea – How it Helps in Weight Loss?

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A rich source of antioxidants and nutrients, experts are advocating green tea as one of the best ways to aid weight loss.  I have been drinking green tea for over 2 years now, and trust me, it works!

Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Green tea contains a good amount of bioactive substances such as caffeine and EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate). These substances reduce your appetite, improve your metabolism, boost your exercise performance and ultimately help in cutting down your body fat. Studies reveal that it particularly helps in burning the calories around your abdomen.

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Fat needs to be broken down and moved into the bloodstream in order to burn. The substances found in green tea help in the process. EGCG present in green tea restricts the growth of an enzyme that breaks norepinephrine, a hormone that signals the fat cells to break down fat. Thus, the more the norepinephrine hormone, the more effective would the signal to break the fat be.

How and When to Have it?

Green tea is not brewed like your regular Indian chai. Or else, it loses its nutrients. The ideal way to make green tea is to drop tea leaves or tea bag in your cup, and then add boiling water to it. Let it rest for 1-2 minutes, so that the brewing process takes place effectively. Your green tea is ready to drink! …… You can adjust the brewing time depending on the flavor you like.How to make green tea

  • You can add lemon grass or mint leaves to add a dash of flavour.
  • In case, you prefer cold beverages, then you can allow the brewed green tea to cool at room temperature and then have it with ice.
  • There are several flavours of green tea available in the market. You may choose the one that suits your taste buds, just ensure to avoid the ones that include sweeteners.
  • Consuming Four-five cups of green tea a day can aid in weight loss. A further or excess intake may cause insomnia, nausea or frequent urination.
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It has been observed that if combined with exercise and the right diet, green tea can help you lose twice as much weight. It is best to have it before a workout to maximise your fat burning results.

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Apart from weight loss, green tea is known for its numerous health benefits including improved dental health, improved brain health, better heart health, low risk of developing cancer, diabetes and various infections.

Green tea weight loss

I am off to drink my daily dose of goodness, what about you?

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