How to Grind Coffee without a Grinder?

Grinding coffee plays the most important role while preparing the perfect cup of coffee. Without a well-grinded coffee, it becomes really difficult to get that perfect cup of coffee one is looking for. The rightly ground coffee has its own rich taste and aroma. The process becomes very simple and easy with a regular coffee grinder, but when it comes to grinding the coffee without a grinder, things change a lot!


The freshly ground coffee beans are the beat and ideally chosen for a perfect cup of coffee. The right grinding also helps in retaining the aroma and the natural flavor of the coffee beans.

But have you ever thought what would you do when you don’t have a regular grinder? Don’t you think your expectations to have the perfect cup of coffee can get compromised due to such a silly reason?

Well, we have the answer to this!

Keep all your worries aside as we are here to suggest some of the simple and really working ways of how to grind coffee without a grinder.

Alternative methods of grinding coffee

Mentioned below are some of the home-friendly ways to grind the perfect coffee beans without using a regular grinder:-

Mortar and Pestle


This has been one of the most traditional yet workable methods to grind coffee beans right in your kitchen, using these old kitchen tools. This grinding process needs a lot of patience as it is a labor intensive process. This process is a very old process that has been widely used since years for grinding herbs, medicines, and spices into finest dust particles. Combining the repeated beating and grinding of the coffee beans along with hammering and rolling motions, one can definitely succeed in creating consistent ground texture of the coffee beans

Way to do it

  • Initially, fill the mortar with fewer amounts of coffee beans.
  • Grab a hold of the mortar with one hand and pestle with another.
  • Use the pestle to forcibly hammer down on the coffee beans to crush them.
  • Repeat the process till the grinding unit forms a fine ground powdered texture.

Keep pressing and rolling down until the expected texture is received.

Using a Blender


This method eases the manual work needed for the grinding process. It is a great replacement to the regular grinding using the coffee grinder. In fact, some blenders also have the Grinder settings for better usage. The only thing that one needs to care about is to grind the coffee with a coarse texture only while using a blender. The main reason behind this is that an over-blended coffee loses its natural taste due to loss of natural oils in it, leading to the bitter taste of the coffee.

Way to Do It

  • Start the process by making the grinder settings in your blender
  • Put small amount of coffee beans and close the lid
  • Start the blending process and grind till the right consistent level is received
  • Repeat the process to get the final results

Rolling Pin


The rolling pin can be well used for the purposes of grinding and crushing the beans simultaneously allowing a finer grind and texture of the coffee beans.

Way to Do It

  • The coffee bag should be laid flat on the counter.
  • Using the rolling pin like a hammer, press down and smash the beans.
  • Once crushed, exert downward pressure and rollover the coffee beans.
  • Roll the pin back and forth over the grounds until desired consistency is met. Continue crushing if grounds are still too large.



A metal hammer is another way to grind your coffee right at your kitchen bench top. Using this technique you cannot, however, grind your coffee into the fine powder but a medium to coarse grind is possible using this method.

Way to Do It

  • Start with the filling the small plastic bags with coffee beans
  • Start hammering with consistent beating process to start crushing the beans
  • Shift the side of the plastic bag from one side to the other to get a better and more consistent grind.

Butcher Knife


The butcher knife containing slightly wider blade can even help in the process of grinding the coffee beans through the crack and break process.

Way to Do It

  • First, the coffee beans need to be placed on the cutting board
  • The knife needs to be positioned in the flat form over the coffee beans
  • Placing the flat palm on the top of the blade, press the coffee beans downwards to crack them
  • As the beans break the press must be repeated on the blade, pulling the blade towards you for achieving the finer grind.

Using these process one can definitely make a home based to try and grind the coffee even without a grinder. Thus, these are the methods on how to grind coffee without a grinder.


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