10 Super Home Remedies to Cure Head ache

A severe headache can cause havoc in your life. Not only all your work comes to a standstill, but it also makes you cantankerous. If you are in the midst of a presentation at the office or attending to the tantrums of your munchkin at home, those stabbing pains can really make the going tough for you.

For an instant relief, try not to pop up a pill, as far as possible. Whenever you have a headache, first make sure that you are not hungry. Often, staying on an empty stomach can be responsible (like in my better half’s case!). If this is not the cause, then what you need is a soothing home remedy to pull you out of this painful condition.

Here are ten wonderful ways to treat your head pain the natural way.

Scalp Massage

Remember, how our mothers and grandma used to massage our hair with oil? It was not only to help us grow a thick mane, but also increase the blood circulation. A head massage, with or without oil, can be extremely relaxing and can make your headache vanish in no time. The right technique is to massage and apply a mild pressure on your temples and the back of your head. However, massaging the reflex points on your feet and hands also do the trick for you.

 scalp message for head ache

Peppermint Oil

The peppermint oil contains vaso-constricting and vaso-dilating content, which can regulate the blood flow to our head, and soothe the aching nerves. This oil also aids in curing sinus problem, thereby promoting the proper flow of oxygen into the bloodstream. You can either inhale the oil or use it as a massage applicant.

peppermint oil for head pain

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is also known to work wonders for those suffering from headache or migraine problem. Pour a drop or two in a cup of boiling water and inhale the the vapours to get relief. You can also apply lavender oil directly on your head to reduce the pain.

lavender oil for headache

Basil Oil

Basil oil is in particular, helpful in relaxing the muscles. Hence, it is considered one of the best remedies for those suffering from headache caused due to tight or tensed muscles. Apply it on your scalp and massage gently to get instant relief.


Flax seeds

Why am I not surprised? Flax seeds have already several benefits for your health, which includes a cure for your headache too. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, these seeds can be consumed in their raw, ground or roasted form. In case, whole flax seeds are not available, then you can opt for the flax seeds oil too.

flaxseed for head ache

Caraway Seeds (Jeera)

Another variety of seeds, caraway seeds can be a great headache healer too. Pick a handful of roasted caraway seeds and tie them in a handkerchief and sniff it to relieve yourself from the pain.


Cinnamon Milk

Add a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoon of grounded cinnamon in a glassful of milk and let it boil for two minutes. Have this mix twice a day to get relief from headache.

cinnamon milk


Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can very well be used to cure headache. Squeeze ginger juice and mix it in equal amount of lemon juice. Have it once a day. Or you may form a paste by adding one teaspoon of ginger powder in two tablespoons of water and apply it on your forehead. Wipe it after a few minutes and see the difference. You may also boil raw ginger in water and inhale the vapour.


Right Food

Certain foods like bananas, onions, avocados, apples and bacon can be helpful in pacifying the throbbing pain in your head. Having an apple every morning especially helps in avoiding it.

Adequate Rest

Headaches are usually caused due to lack of sleep or proper rest. It is thus important to make sure that you take six to eight hours of sleep every day. Those who suffer from migraine problem should especially be more cautious.

Lastly, do remember to consult your doctor, in case the headache is recurring or persists for a longer time.



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