How Not to Get Pregnant

Having a child is the most natural progression in a marital relationship. However, you may yet not want a baby – the reasons for which could be several. Either you or your spouse is not mentally ready, you have a demanding job or perhaps there are financial constraints. If you are constantly occupied with the fear of getting pregnant, it may affect your sexual life and also strain your marital relationship.

Read on to find out about how not to get pregnant.


This is one of the most common precautions taken to avoid pregnancy. You must make sure that your partner uses condom each time you indulge in a sexual intercourse. Correct use of condoms allows you to enjoy the intercourse while at the same time substantially lowers your chances of getting pregnant. Condoms come in a variety of textures and are readily available in the market. To further increase your chances of not getting pregnant it is suggested for your partner to use spermicide along with condoms.

Female condoms are also in demand these days. It is a thin loose-fitting cover that has a flexible ring at both the ends. Women need to wear this barrier contraceptive internally to avoid contact with the ejaculated semen. However, this isn’t as effective as a male condom.

Condoms for pregnancy control

Birth Control Pills

A birth control pill is a more effective and commonly used product used by most of the women to avoid pregnancy. However, pills may have certain side effects and it is thus recommended to get these prescribed from your doctor. Your doctor shall examine you and prescribe a birth control pill that is best suited as per your body.

Also make sure that you do not miss any dose. Missing a dose lowers the effectiveness of the birth control pills. It is advised to take this pill at the same time every day. However, if you miss a dose, do not indulge in unprotected sex for the rest of your pill cycle. Make use of condoms during this period.

Anti pregnancy pills

Birth Control Shot

Another effective barrier contraceptive solution is the birth control shot to be injected every 3 months. It contains hormone progesterone that prevents ovulation. And no ovulation means nil chances of getting pregnant. However, many women refrain from going for this contraceptive method as it usually causes adverse side effects such as weight gain, breast tenderness and irregular or no periods. It may even cause constant headaches and lead to depression.


It is generally believed that one can avoid pregnancy by pulling out before ejaculation. However, this is a wrong notion. Even if your partner withdraws before ejaculation you may still get pregnant. The best way to refrain the sperm from reaching the egg is by completely avoiding vaginal penetration by the penis.


A diaphragm is a small silicone cup which may be inserted in the vagina before the intercourse. You may easily remove it afterwards. Diaphragm blocks the uterus opening thereby preventing pregnancy. It is a safe and effective contraceptive method.

Diaphragms for pregnancy control


If you are sure you do not want to have any or more children then you may go for sterilization which is the surgical procedure for birth control. The fallopian tubes are completely blocked in this procedure. This is a permanent method to prevent pregnancy.


This contraceptive method is performed on men. It does not allow the sperm to release thereby preventing pregnancy. It is a permanent procedure for birth control. This is an effective method and involves very low risk.

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