How to Wash Your Face

Face washing is easy as 1, 2, and 3! Hmmmm … well, not quite. You won’t believe how many ladies think they are washing their face the right way. So lets not tell you how to wash your face rather how not to wash your face.

If you want that glowing perfect skin stop doing the following!

how to wash your face

Washing with Make-up

Let’s be honest, we want to wash our face the fastest way so we just start splashing away with water the minute we reach the sink. Big mistake ladies! The very first thing to do before washing your face is to take off your make-up. Use a make-up remover for this first step. Your skin won’t be damaged too much if you do this first before washing your face.

Washing with dirty hands!

Some women think that because they are washing their face with their hands they are also washing their hands- wrong! Dirty hands mean bacteria and if you touch your face with those hands, where will the bacteria go? Wash your hands first before washing your face. Better safe than sorry as they say.

Washing too much!

It’s your face not your plates! It is a MUST to wash your face daily. Once or twice would be should be enough.  If you overdo it, guess what, it will cause skin irritation. You either get super dry skin or your face becomes too oily. So, take it easy … wash your face in the morning and then again before you sleep at night. And, never sleep with make-up on!

Hot or Cold?

Some ladies prefer to use hot water. They believe it will open and clean their pores. While some prefer cold water, believing that it will tighten their pores. Well ladies, you are doing it all wrong. Instead of hot or cold water; use lukewarm to wash your  face. Hot water will remove the natural oil of your face causing it to dry, so does cold water. Lukewarm water is the safest and the most effective way to gently remove dirt.

Exfoliating like there is no tomorrow!

Want to get rid of dead skin? Exfoliating is the best way to do it! But please don’t do it every day. Twice a week would be the best number. Too much exfoliation will also make your skin very dry. Another important reminder when you do exfoliate is to do it gently. Take your time and stroke gently. Exfoliating is like using sand paper on your face so do it carefully.


Speed Rinsing

Yes we know you are super busy, but it’s not a good excuse to wash your face haphazardly. Make sure you take 3-5 minutes to totally get the soap or cleanser off your face. Not doing so will cause soap or cleanser residue accumulation , which can clog skin pores  ending up with dry skin. By the way, cleanser is better than soap.

Using Harsh Products

Buying the most expensive face products is not always a great idea. These ‘great’ products may have some harsh content that could irritate your skin. Harsh content may mean synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colorants. So, before you grab the latest or the most popular face wash brand, read the label. Better yet , ask a dermatologist what ingredients to avoid totally. Before your next purchase- ask and read!

Rubbing the Wrong way!

So, you used the right product and you washed your face gently, but why are you drying your face with a towel like there is no tomorrow?! Rubbing your face with a towel is a big no-no! The only thing you will get is dull and dry skin. Use a soft towel and pat dry your face. Change towel every two days. And, never ever share your towel with anybody. Sharing towel means sharing bacteria, so don’t!

how to pat your face dry

Not moisturizing or moisturizing too much!

After all the washing or the exfoliating and the patting , make sure you moisturize your face. For better absorption of the moisturizer ,do it while your skin is a bit damp. Putting moisturizer on a dry skin will take more time and more moisturizer for it to work.  How much moisturizer? A dime size would be the perfect amount! Too little won’t be effective, too much can cause skin irritation.

Not drinking enough water!

If you really want to have that blemish free face, there is one secret ritual you should never forget. You may wash your face all you want (oops, one or twice I mean), but if you don’t drink enough water each day, those zits would come one way or another. You need water to cleanse your body including your face! So drink at least eight 8 to twelve 12 glasses of water a day or approximately two to three liters.

drinking water

That’s it! How many mistakes did you get? Well, that’s okay. Just remember to follow the right way and before you know it, you will get that glowing skin! So do it right and look great NOW!


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