10 ways to get rid of Bad Breath

Let’s admit it. Bad breath can be a big turn off, for you as well as the people around you. And if you are on a date, it could ruin your impression almost instantly, no matter how attractive, sophisticated or well-mannered you are. Now you don’t want to happen that, right?

What causes Bad Breath

The bad breath condition, technically known as halitosis, may vary from mild to objectionable degrees in intensity. But you may not realize you poor mouth odour, unless someone starts keeping distance from you during conversations or honestly recommends you to use a mouth freshener.

Bad breath can be attributed to several reasons – poor oral hygiene, dehydration, consumption of tobacco, alcohol or odorous food such as onion & garlic, zinc deficiency, and other health problems such as tonsils, tuberculosis & metabolic disorders. Women, especially experience a mousy smell with the onset of their menstruation cycle, because estrogens are their peak during this time.

get rid of bad breath

While bad breath is a huge embarrassment and can wreck your social life, the good news is that this problem is curable. Here are 10 effective ways to get rid of bad breath.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

The most basic way to rid your mouth of bad breath is to maintain good oral hygiene. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after every meal. If this doesn’t help, add some drops of tea tree or peppermint oil. Green or black tea rinse may also work. In addition to this, you must brush your teeth and clean your gums twice a day. Also scrape your tongue with a quality tongue scraper every day to lower the penetration of bacteria and dead cells that result in bad breath. Make sure you replace your toothbrush and tongue scrapper every two months.

Drink Plentiful Water

Bad breath is mostly caused due to food particles left between your teeth. Drinking several glasses of water to rid your teeth of these food particles as well as the harmful bacteria that penetrate due to these leftovers only to aggravate the bad breath.

Quit Smoking

Nothing causes as foul a breath as cigarettes, snuffs and other tobacco products. So if you feel your bad breath is getting in the way of your relationship or career then it is time you quit these addictions.

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Avoid Coffee

Coffee may keep you going through the day, but excessive consumption of this beverage tends to cause that foul smell. Opt for an aromatic green tea instead!

Clean Your Dentures

Those of you who wear dentures must remove the set at night and clean it properly to wash off any leftover food particles.

Pick up a Saliva Substitute

Saliva is instrumental in cleansing and moistening your mouth. Lack of saliva can cause dry mouth, especially in the mornings or due to consumption of medicines. Taking saliva substitutes, or sugarless candies can do the trick for you.

Chew Whole Spices & Herbs

An age old home remedy, chewing a few pieces of cloves, fennel seeds or cardamom also removes foul odour. Loaded with antiseptic qualities and pleasing aroma, these herbs and spices are natural breath fresheners and are a quick pop up remedies during travel or an interview.

Eat Your Greens

The presence of chlorophyll in basil and mint leaves helps deodorize your breath. These are a far better alternative to the over the counter breath-fresheners and mouth washes available in the market. Chew these leaves every morning or after each meal.

Munch on Fresh Fruits

Fiber rich fruits and vegetables such as apple, carrots, celery and berries help produce saliva that washes away the plaque build up on teeth that result in bad breath. Other food items that help reduce bad breath include yogurt, orange juice, salmon, pineapple, raw broccoli and bell peppers. You can even chew lemon or orange  peel!

Visit Your Dentist

If nothing helps then it is time to get your teeth examined at a dental care clinic. Your dentist shall explain the actual cause of your bad breath and provide a relevant solution to combat the same.

Hope these remedies have helped you to kiss your bad breath a good bye!


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