Super 10 Natural Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Forehead Acne

Excess stress, oily skin, genetic traits and several other factors lead to the eruption of acne. These small red bumps do not only cause inflammation but also spoil the beauty and charm of your pretty face. Especially, the forehead acne is very troublesome as it cannot be hidden using tricky hairstyles or other methods. Moreover, if not controlled at the right time, the forehead acne can spread down to other parts of your face. If you are suffering from the same and looking for tips on how to get rid of forehead acne, you have landed at the right place!

We unveil top 10 awesome home remedies on how to get rid of forehead acne. These remedies are easy to apply and give you overnight positive results. Let us explore these remedies now!

The Golden Magic of Mustard Powder & Honey


Almost all home remedies are incomplete without honey! Honey is good for your skin, digestion and weight loss too. Mustard encloses the goodness of salicylic acid. This acid is one of the main ingredients in over the counter medication that is used for treating acne and pimples. All you need to do is to grind some mustard seeds (around one teaspoon) and blend them well with one teaspoon of honey. Apply this paste on your forehead acne region and wait for 20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Apart from treating acne, this paste will add an awesome glow to your face.

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The Goodness Of Banana Peel


Banana is used in many beauty tips. It is a main constituent of many popular home facials and brings beauty to your skin. Using banana peel is one of the easiest tips to treat forehead acne. Just take a banana peel and rub it gently on your affected area. Wait for one hour and wash off your face. You will be glad to see the awesome result on your zits.

Freshness Of Cucumber Added With Turmeric Powder


Turmeric powder is recommended in many traditional remedies for skin as well as health. This bright yellow powder acts as an antibacterial and antibiotic powder too. On the other hand, the water content and minerals of cucumber are also very beneficial for our skin. To treat your acne on forehead, add a pinch of turmeric powder in some cucumber juice and apply this paste on your T zone. Let it rest there for half an hour. Wash your face and pat dry gently.

Clay Mask With Light Smell Of Lavender Oil


Take some clay and make a paste with some water. Add few drops of lavender oil in it. Check for the right consistency. The mask should not be too thick or too thin. It should have a medium consistency so that it can be applied easily upon the face. Apply this mask on your face and let it be there for the whole night. Wash off your face next morning with lukewarm water. This is a great home remedy as it cleans off even the most stubborn pimples in merely one night.

Wonders Of Egg White


Egg white can be used to treat acne and it also provides tightness in the skin. Click To Tweet

Using egg white is a wonderful idea for treating acne and many other skin problems. Though egg white smells a little yucky but the results will let you forget the same! Break an egg and separate the yolk using a spoon. Apply the egg white on your face and wait till it completely dries off. Wash with water. This egg mask also provides tightness in skin and so can be used to keep saggy skin away!

Garlic With Anti-Bacterial Properties


Keeping the face clean is the first step towards getting an acne-free skin. Using antibacterial face washes help you get a clean skin and reduce chances of getting acne at the first place. Natural ingredients like garlic are full of anti-bacterial attributes and help in treating forehead acne well. But do not use the concentrated form of garlic. Take out some garlic juice by crushing few garlic cloves. Add some drops of water to it. Apply the diluted garlic juice on your face. It works wonders to get rid of forehead acne!

Cooling Effect Of Peppermint


This is a quick and effective tip to treat forehead acne. Take some leaves of peppermint and grind them to take out the juice. Apply the juice gently all over your face. Wait for 15 minutes and wash off. Apart from treating acne, this remedy provides a relaxing and cooling effect on your skin. This cool effect is relished by acne sufferers as the zits cause inflammation too.

Fresh Lemon Juice


If you are a busy person who finds it tough to use time consuming home remedies for treating acne, this one is for you! Just slice a lemon and take out some juice. Apply the juice on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your face gently. Using this tip regularly can help reduce forehead acne rapidly.

Soothing & Cool Papaya


Papaya face masks are highly popular among women who want a glowing and blemish-free skin through natural tips. According to this study, papaya is rich in vitamin C, anti-oxidants, vitamin B folate, Pentothanic acid, vitamin E, vitamin A, magnesium and potassium and all these helps in the skin rejuvenation and acne control. Just take a clean and fresh papaya. Take out some pulp and apply it over your face. Wait for half an hour and wash off. This amazing papaya mask also provides instant glow to your face.

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Fresh & Relaxing Orange Peels


Last but not the least in our list is using orange peels for treating acne on forehead and other parts of face. Take some fresh orange peel and grind them with some water drops to prepare a paste. Be careful as more water can make this paste too thin. Apply the paste all over your face and wash after an hour.

Use all the above tips after cleaning your face with a mild face-wash and water. Also drink plenty of water, keep your hair clean, stay stress-free and physically active in order to get rid of acne! We hope our tips on ‘How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne’ will help you say goodbye to acne quickly & effectively!

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