15 ways to get rid of Hiccups

Imagine getting hiccups in the middle of an important presentation or during a prayer ceremony! Isn’t it embarrassing? You suddenly become the center of attraction, much to the amusement of people around you.

how to get rid of hiccups

Before we acquaint you with some tried and tested cures to get rid of hiccups, let us understand how and why it occurs. The contraction of the diaphragm, a dome shaped muscle that rests towards the end of your chest, and the simultaneous closure of the vocal cords blocks the air flow and causes hiccups. It may also occur when you get excited or scared all of a sudden or have a large meal.

what causes hiccups

Following are 15 sure shot ways could rescue you from the hiccup woes no matter where you are.

Sip water

The most common yet extremely remedy! Sipping very cold or warm water rids you of hiccups.

drinking water

Take a Deep Breath

Breathe in slowly and hold your breath till the count of 10 and then breath out slowly. Repeat it four to five times. This should give relief, however if it doesn’t, then repeat the process after twenty minutes. Diaphragm relaxes as carbon dioxide fills your lungs.

Breathe into a paper bag

Hold the opening of a paper bag around your mouth to seal it tightly. Now, breathe in and breathe out fast a couple of times to get relief.

breath in  a paper bag to get rid of hiccups

Cover Your Nose and Mouth

Cover your nose and mouth to breath in carbon dioxide and get relief from hiccups.

Close Your Ears

Plug your fingers in your ears for about half a minute to set the diaphragm right.

Pull out your tongue

Stretch out your tongue out for a while. This shall help you breathe more easily and quell the spasm.

pull out your tounge for hiccups-w400-h400

Use your Palm

Press your palm hard with your other hand’s thumb. The uneasiness caused impacts the nervous system that most likely ends the hiccups.


Gargling with ice cold water for about 45 seconds to 1 minute stops your diaphragm from contracting and thus ends hiccups.

Have Sugar

Place some sugar granules on your tongue and swallow them as they melt.

Have Vinegar

Have a few drops of vinegar or some other sour juice.

Eat Peanut Butter

Take a tablespoon of peanut butter, hold it on your tongue for around 10 seconds and swallow it. This kindles the vagus nerve that makes the diaphragm contract. Almond butter and other sticky foods also help.

Take a Slice of Lemon

Place a thin slice of lemon on your tongue and suck it slowly. You may even have a few drops of lemon juice to put an end to the hiccups.

Chest Exercises

Take your knees close to your chest and hold them tight against it for a few minutes. You may even lean forward against something to press your chest gently.


Have a fizzy drink to burp as this again puts an end to the hiccups. Just as burping, coughing and sneezing also changes the hiccup pattern.

Tickling Fun

How about some rib tickling fun? Get someone tickle you to put an end to your hiccup cycle.

There are other methods as well like rectal simulation, which can help in subsiding the hiccups.

What is your tip?

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