How To Get Rid Of Phlegm In Throat – 5 Quick Remedies

Are you looking for ways on how to get rid of phlegm in throat? But before we actually talk about the remedies let us first clear the basic of this phlegm problem. There are some misconceptions regarding phlegm and mucus. Many people think that both are more or less the same thing. Are you one of those? You probably should not be after reading few sentences of this article!


Difference Between Phlegm And Mucus:

The main difference between the two is their origin (i.e., where they come from!). The mucus comes from the mucous membrane, such as from the inside of the nose and the phlegm originates from the throat or lungs. Phlegm and mucus both are slippery and phlegm is thicker in texture.

We all know that irritating feeling in our throat when we are suffering from tonsillitis, common cold or other similar diseases. There is always a need to clear the throat, spit out the gluey substance from our mouth. Many of you also experience heaviness in your throat even if your health is fully charged up. Some of you might be frustrated with your bad breath. Don’t worry people the problem is your throat phlegm and we will tell you how to get rid of phlegm in throat!

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Steam Up With The Steamer


Phlegm is easier to get rid off of our system when it is in liquid form. So, inhaling the hot steam into the nasal passage is a very good option and one of the best considered worldwide. If you don’t have a steamer then taking a hot water bath is an alternative and is also again a good option.

 Hot Lemon


This drink is simple to prepare. Heat your bowl of water until it boils up and add some lemon juice to it. Then mix some salt in it. Your hot lemon juice is ready! Lemon has antibacterial properties and with the essence of salt this drink is very good for treating phlegm. This simple drink can cure your digestive problems as well.

 Salty Warm Water Gargles


Gargling with salty water is also an effective way to clear out the throat and is also an effective remedy for bad-breath. Salt is the main ingredient here as it destroys the bacteria that causes the throat infection and in turn, reduces phlegm in the throat.

 Ginger Tea


This drink is not new to our society. It has been fighting the throat infections since the earliest time. You can also chew raw ginger if you like and add ginger to your food. Ginger is very good for our throat. Add some washed peeled and sliced ginger to a pot of boiling water. Let it boil for few minutes. Cover the pot for 2 minutes & your ginger tea is ready!



If you are really suffering from throat problem, experiencing an ached neck and are not even able to speak, having some warm soup can help. A bowl of warm vegetable soup or chicken soup with light salt and pinch of black pepper is a great option. Warm soups are good sources for curing the phlegm and other throat problems.


What Causes Excessive Phlegm In Our Throat?

The answer is simple- Sometimes climatic changes is the cause and sometimes it is you who eat or drink extremely cold substance that cause the pain in the neck. Smokers and tobacco eaters always have such problems. The lungs are badly affected by the chemicals of cigarettes and tobaccos.


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If you constantly suffer from these kinds of problems then our advice is to avoid eating cold stuffs such as extremely cold water that comes out directly from your refrigerator. You should avoid eating ice-cream on a daily basis. If you love ice-cream, have it but not as if you haven’t eaten for ages, ones or twice in 10-12 days is enough and that too if you have a strong immune system.

The other important thing to know is that whether swallowing your own phlegm is harmful or not. Needless to mention that your stomach is build up in such a way that it can destroy the bacterial pathogens (not virus). So until now there has not been any serious issue for swallowing the phlegm but if it is in excess then it is wise to spit it out.


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