How To Make Best Coffee

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A cup of coffee will not solve your problems (of course!) but it will at least wake or cheer you up!


For some, life actually begins after a coffee. It is the ultimate solution to so many situations where we are often stuck up: hardly able to get out of bed in the morning, yawning at work on a Monday, not feeling productive or wanting to de-stress after a long day. You can chill with a coffee and chat for hours with your best friend.

So, if you are planning to have your next serving soon, here is a detailed guide on how to make coffee. You can choose any of the popular methods to brew up a cup of coffee that your taste buds have been desperately waiting for. Just add sugar and/or milk as desired or take it as such and enjoy sipping.



How to make coffee in Percolator? You need a percolator, water, coarsely ground coffee and a heat source for this method. A percolator has a water chamber at the bottom close to the heat source. A vertical tube from the bottom leads to the top chamber which is perforated and it is here that you put the ground coffee. As the water boils, it rises up the tube to cover the grounds and then travels back below. This cycle is repeated till a vital temperature of 195 to 200 degrees F is reached. Unfortunately, a significant extraction of the coffee occurs which lends a certain bitterness to the finished product. So be careful not to over boil the water by restricting the time to a maximum of 3 minutes. Maybe that’s the reason why this method has given way in a lot of places to the automatic drip machine.

Automatic Drip Coffee maker


If you are a regular coffee drinker or have lots of people coming over for coffee at your home, an automatic drip coffee maker will do the magic. Take freshly ground coffee in proper measurements (1tbsp per cup for a normal flavour and 2 tbsps per cup for an extra strong dose) and add it to the filter. Similarly, take properly measured water and pour it into the reservoir. Now just switch on the machine and set the timer. Fully automatic machines have pre-set time cycles, so now it is damn easy to make a quick fix, though not that ‘perfect’ taste for connoisseurs.

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Vacuum Pot


Also known as Siphon coffee maker, a vacuum pot is one of the oldest techniques that had almost become extinct, but is now back with a bang for the coffee lovers. Besides, it puts up a sensational show by fizzing up the coffee up and down and lends tempting aromas to the air all around when opened. Grounded coffee is added to the top vessel, and water is added to the bottom one. The bottom vessel is now put on a heat source and the top one with its attached siphon is added. The chosen filter is attached. As soon as the brew starts gurgling, the heat source should be removed and the brewing continues. This method gives a fantastic flavoured coffee, but the system is complex as it needs continuous monitoring and is difficult to clean up too. However, it is a good choice for backpackers.



An Aeropress brewer is all you need to brew some instant, delicious coffee, even when you are travelling. It has to be assembled by placing a wetted filter inside the cap and putting it on top of the cup or mug. The coffee is to be added by a funnel. By that time, boil a cup of water and let it cool for a minute. Now add the hot water till it reaches the top line of the Aeropress. Stir it briefly with a stirrer. Next, insert the plunger and press it firmly till you hear a long hiss. You may have to stir and plunge again if you are looking for a stronger drink. It extracts a lot of flavour and aroma from the coffee which most of the other methods don’t. Its best part is the convenience with which it is cleaned.

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French Press


This is another comfortable and convenient coffee brewer that will brew up some superb coffee for you to jump start your day. A French Press is basically a cylindrical glass beaker with a plunger. The piston of the plunger is made of stainless steel mesh which filters out the coarser coffee particles. You have to put the coffee in the bottom of the beaker and heat water separately to boiling temperature. Now slowly pour in the hot water which moistens the coffee and extracts out its best flavour. The strained coffee is collected from over the mesh. Remember, coffee made in a French Press has to be consumed immediately (a maximum of 10 minutes), else it becomes quite bitter. It uses no filters and the temperature is also easier to control as water is heated separately. So, this is how to make coffee using a french press.

Chemex (Pour Over)


A Chemex Coffee Maker is one of the best tools to produce a slowly brewed coffee, similar in taste to an Espresso. Though the flavour might not be as rich as a French Press made cup, it is still tasty enough (coffee always is!). The Chemex glass jar needs to be used with a Chemex paper filter which is first rinsed slightly with warm water. Preheated water and freshly ground coffee are the only other things required. Place a calculated amount of coffee in the filter which is held like a cone, and then pour in the hot water bit by bit as it saturates the coffee and lets it ‘bloom’. Though it is a slower method, it is quite straightforward as it requires no pressing.


This worldwide popular brewing method is actually nothing but very hot water forced under high pressure through finely ground coffee in an Espresso machine. It produces thicker coffee that has foam with a creamy consistency on the top. An Espresso shot is the basic foundation for a lot of coffee beverages. The machine needs to be hooked to a clean water supply. You have to pre-heat the machine and then adds coffee to the portafilter carefully. The machine will do the rest and you will be handed over a full cup of coffee ready to use. It is cheaper to install it in an office and you can also adjust the strength of the coffee, but is tough to maintain.

A good cup of coffee also depends a lot on the method of rosting. So if you want to go a step further then consider roasting the coffee yourself.

Life is too short for bad coffees. So make sure you have a good one! Enjoy the aromatic sips of this warm, delicious beverage by choosing any of the above methods.

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How To Make Best Coffee



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