How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara has made women’s life easy. Whether they want to go to a beach party or shed tears in an emotional moment, their eyes will still look pretty. Now, while waterproof mascara is easy to apply, it could be a tedious task when you want to remove it. Here some tips to guide you on how to remove waterproof mascara.

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Invest in a Good Eye Makeup Remover

how to remove waterproof mascara

If you are a regular user of waterproof mascara, it is advisable to use a good quality eye make up remover. The remover should be suitable for waterproof makeup and must be hypoallergenic to avoid eye irritation.

Natural Products are Good Too

how to remove waterproof mascara

If you are wondering about how to remove waterproof mascara after a long day, but without an eye makeup remover, switch to olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil or even petroleum-free baby oil. All of these are gentle on the skin and have the property to break the waterproof barrier of the mascara.

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Shampoo and Cold Cream Works Too

how to remove waterproof mascara

A no-tears baby shampoo (you must be having one if you have a little one) also works well. Similarly, if you have nothing else, try using a cold cream by gently rubbing it over the eyelashes and leaving it like that for a minute. Then wipe it off with a warm wash cloth.

Be Careful with Petroleum Jelly

how to remove waterproof mascara

Though petroleum jelly seems to be the easiest and a pocket friendly makeup remover, it should be used with precaution in areas around the eyes. Since it is a by-product of gasoline, it can be harmful if it comes in direct contact with the eyes. It is generally applied directly by your fingertip over the eyelashes, left for a about half a minute and then removed with a cotton ball or wet wipe.

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Try Baby Wipes, Makeup Pads or Cotton Balls

how to remove waterproof mascara

You can also use cotton balls or makeup pads which are sterile and easily available for make up removal. Hypoallergenic baby wipes which are alcohol free are another good option as they keep the area moist, thus facilitating easy removal of the eye make up without causing much eye burning.

Follow the Correct Technique

how to remove waterproof mascara

When you apply, remember that you should apply it below the eyelashes.  So, the removal also has to start from there. Suppose you are using an eye-makeup remover on a cotton ball. With eyes closed, keep the dipped cotton ball below the eyelashes so that it comes in contact with the applied mascara. Hold it like that for at least 30 seconds, so that the remover can dissolve the thick mascara. Keep your eyelashes pressed over the cotton ball gently during this time. Now gently wipe the undersides of the eyelashes so that the cotton ball can remove the mascara. Do not tug or pull hard as this may break the eyelashes. Repeat till clean. You can follow the same instructions if you are using oil, eye pads or baby wipes. While choosing to clean with a baby shampoo, moisten your eyes and gently work up a lather with the shampoo on your finger tips over and under your eyelashes with eyes closed. Wash it with water after half a minute.

Use Q-tips for the Stubborn Mascara

how to remove waterproof mascara

If you notice some thick stubborn mascara still sticking to the roots, place a wet tissue, sponge or makeup pad under the eyelashes, dip a clean Q-tip in the makeup remover and gently clean the roots with it without letting it touch the eyes directly.

Wash Face with Warm Water

how to remove waterproof mascara

The removal products may contain oil and leave your face kind of stained near the eyes. So, always keep the habit of splashing warm water on your face to gain that fresh look after removing the mascara.

Moisturize Adequately

how to remove waterproof mascara

The makeup and then the makeup remover, both have the tendency to leave your skin dry. So, use a good moisturizer on your face after cleaning, so that your skin remains soft and supple without showing the after effects of a beautiful but harsh makeup.

Never Tug or Rub Hard

how to remove waterproof mascara

Delicate eyelashes can come out easily if pulled harshly. Even rubbing frequently can cause redness, itching or irritation in and around the eye area. So, be gentle on your eyes. Earlier studies also support changing the mascara after every 3 months to avoid eye infections.

Hope that the tips on how to remove waterproof mascara have been helpful and keep your eyes healthy and beautiful!

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How to Remove Waterproof Mascara



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