Have You Tried These Simple Ways To Stop Sneezing?

Most of us must have observed that sneezing causes a tickling of the nose. While different folklores often associate this phenomenon as a good or bad omen, the scientific fact is that sneezing helps to release nasal irritation by rusticating allergens and irritants.

Whatever may be the cause of sneezing, it is important to stop sneezing soon as the it can become bothersome if not treated timely. However, never try to keep your sneeze on hold as it may hurt your vision, eardrums, and blood vessels.

Sneezing is not at all a serious medical condition, but sneezing constantly might be the outcome of an infection or flu. Here are some simple physical methods on how to stop sneezing.

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Physical Methods

  • Gently pinch the cartilage above the nose tip and pull it out as trying to bring it out from your face. It is an effective way to bid adieu to sneeze.
  • Cuddle the roof of your mouth with tongue’s tip. Continue the process, until the urge for sneezing disappears.
  • Make use of a handkerchief to blow your nose, whenever you feel the tickling sensation on your nose. It helps to dissipate the allergens causing the problem.
  • Pinch your upper lip by making use of your thumb and forefinger. Pinch it gently towards your nostrils.
  • Press the pressure points between your eyebrows. It helps with a headache as well as sneezing.

Home Remedies

Here are some natural ways on how to stop sneezing.

Peppermint Oil


If a runny nose condition is the reason behind the problem, peppermint oil can become a real savior. Pour 3-4 drops of peppermint oil in the hot water and take a steam for about 5 minutes by covering your head with a towel. It helps clear all the nasal blockages and provide relief from sneezing at the same time. Just make sure you switch off the fan while following the procedure. Do not switch on a fan or an air-conditioner after taking the steam for about ten minutes as the mix of hot and cold temperature may worsen the condition.

Herbal Tea


Drink a cup of tea made from fennel seeds/leaves, ginger and tulsi leaves. Drink at least twice a day for better results. Consuming fennel or ginger extracts or raw piece of ginger is an excellent alternative for treating cold allergies like sneezing.

Saline Lotion


Gargling with a lukewarm saline solution made from salt and baking soda is of immense help. Gargle twice a day for deriving the maximum benefits of this natural homemade remedy.

Black Pepper


Black pepper is known for its medicinal properties. Either drink a cup of tea by adding a pinch of black pepper powder or eat salads and soups by adding coarsely grounded black pepper to it. This helps to ease off the infection and get rid of the germs and viruses quickly hence a effective way to stop sneezing.

Chamomile Tea


A refreshing hot cup of a chamomile tea is considered as an effective remedy to get rid of constant sneezing. Adding a spoon of honey into it enhances the flavour of the tea along with providing the benefits of honey for getting rid of the cold symptoms and to stop sneezing.



Garlic is known to have rich antibiotic and anti-viral properties. Crush 3-4 cloves of garlic and inhale its strong odor. This will help to treat the problem if cold infection is the cause behind the issue.

Fenugreek Seeds


Boil a few fenugreek seeds in water till the water reduces to half the quantity. Strain this mixture and drink it 2-3 times a day.

Vitamin C Supplements


Often the excessive production of histamine in the body causes a person to sneeze badly. Consumption of Vitamin C supplements controls the abnormal production of histamine levels in the body and provides relief from sneezing. You can even eat oranges or drink orange juice.

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Lavender Oil


Put 2-3 drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball and inhale it for a quick relief. Alternatively, you can also apply one drop each inside your nostrils.


Yes, the cheapest and the most natural remedy of all! Drink plenty of it throughout the day.

Try these methods and see how they work wonders for your constant sneezing!

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Have You Tried These Simple Ways To Stop Sneezing?



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