Kids Development Milestones


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let’s look at the various development milestones which you need to be aware of for your kids and they are as follow:

2 -3 Months

If your kid is 2 months old, then he/she should smile sometimes at the sound of your voice and also follow you or toys with their eyes as you or the toy move around the room. While lying on stomach he/she should be able to raise chest and head.

4-6 Months

In this age range, your kid should be able to support himself/herself while sitting. Your baby should also be happy and content except for the conditions when he is feeling hungry or tired. His/her communication skills should start developing from this stage. Your baby should start making babbling sounds for getting attention. Your kid should also show attention to food varieties. Also, he should notice toys that make sound and put in efforts to take hold of it.

7-9 Months

Kids in this age range are able to sit comfortably without any support and can move from tummy and back into the sitting position. They are also able to drink from a bottle. Communication skills take the next level in this stage and so babies in this age should be able to create a variety of babbling sounds. They can recognize their own name when called. They are able to recognize familiar and unfamiliar sounds.

10-12 Months

One accomplishment kid achieves by this age range is that they can crawl to or away from sounds coming from a distance. They can also throw things without losing balance in sitting position. They enjoy listening to songs. They can also speak out simple words like mama or dada and also try to imitate others.

13-18 Months

By the time they reach this age range they start to eat a variety of foods and have a regular sleep schedule. Your kid should be able to walk independently. And also your kid might be able to hold a cup and drink from it. Communication skills also develop furthermore and can understand a few more words than yes, no, mama and dada.

19-24 Months

By the age of 18 months, your kid might be able to understand questions which have yes/no answer. And in the age range 19-24 months he/she should be able to respond to directions given to them (Example- Go to the kitchen). And also should be able to name a few objects and pictures.

36 Months

A 3-year-old kid should be able to understand simple questions and should have the concept of time, color.  It’s not necessary but if he/she has achieved this milestone then they are keeping up the pace of learning.


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