10 Ways of Losing Body Fat Faster

Carrying a few extra kilos and always wanted to bid adieu to it? But you are clueless about how to go about it? Fret not, even though it is winter time and probably the hardest and the worst time to try and lose weight but hey, nothing is impossible when you have the will to do it right!

Losing body fat is as hard as it’s easy to gain it, which is a given and known fact; so one always wonders what can be done to quickly shed those extra kilos and become a supermodel at some point in life at least! Well, it’s not that hard, but you might want to sign up for a hard time curbing your cravings if you want to get in shape quickly!

People might tell you to eat less, magazines might hint you to stop eating at all; but it is wrong. All you need to do is stick to a strict schedule and you will see clear results. Losing body fat is 40 percent will, 30 percent proper food and the rest goes to proper and timely exercises. Let’s face it, you cannot lose weight by just simply eating healthy food, you got to literally run for it!

So here are the top ten ways, which can help and guide you to lose body fat

No more junk food

Ya right, as if you did not know it. Every ones knows it, only a few want to believe and follow it! You just cannot have those cheesy and meaty and juicy burgers and pizzas anymore; well not till at least you shed a few kilos! They will make all your gym sweating and make you much more lazy. The cardio you do every day will have absolutely no gain towards your path of losing body fat. So say no to junk, please.

Junk food

Balance out your meals

You cannot think of losing some fat without a proper diet. Now dieting does not mean giving up on food completely, it simply means controlled eating. Include more protein in your diet with dairy products and pulses and less carbs from potatoes and bread. Try to keep it balanced out as too much of everything is bad.

Bye Bye beer

Yes, for good! Okay beer has some strong connections with you, but you have got to say goodbye to it for a while. You do not want a dangling beer belly greeting everyone along with you, do you? You can have some beer at your “I have lost weight” party next year!

no beer for losing weight

Sweat it out

No workout, no gain. Even if you cannot take out some time for gymming from your busy schedule, do some walking in your office compound; climb a few stairs everyday which is an excellent cardio and do some dancing and simple workout at your home. It is cheap and you will see your stamina growing up in a matter of days.

Benefits of exercising daily


Believe it or not, humans burn calories when they sleep. Okay don’t be overwhelmed now. Just a regular and healthy 8 hours of sleep is what we are talking about. Do not overdo it! Sleep on time and try waking up earlier to inhale the fresh morning air and giving fresh oxygen to your lungs.

Sound-sleep to lose weight


If you will drink plenty of water on a daily basis, you will not only feel less hungry, you will also feel fresh and hydrated all day long. Plus the toxins in your body will get washed away more regularly. It is very important to drink at least 2 liters of water every day if you are trying to get in shape.

drinking water

Sit less

Almost 70 percent of the working population has a job that involves sitting and working on the computer for long hours. This lifestyle tends to make all the cellulite get accumulated in the lower region of the body and you start to feel heavy. Avoid this completely. Try and make a schedule in which you take frequent breaks and go for a walk or just go and have some water. Just allow your body for some blood circulation and fresh air.

Buy a weighing machine

For some inspiration and self-check, buy a weighing machine and start weighing yourself every week. In this way, you will feel ecstatic if you lose weight or a little disheartened but determined if you do not. Let’s just say please do not gain any weight! It might break your heart!

Take challenges

People love challenges, right? So why not put yourself up for one and then try achieving it! Or even better, make a bet with one of your family members or close friends that you will lose an x amount of weight in a y amount of time and if you win, you can have whatever you want! Sounds fun right? This is one of the best ways of getting some inspiration inside you and start shedding those fatty layers!

Throw away laziness

You have got to increase your stamina if you even want to think about losing your baby fat. There is absolutely no room for laziness here mate, you cannot be your couch potato self over the weekends and then expect to lose weight miraculously. Throw away your laziness completely. It might seem hard at first, but as you will overcome it, you will feel energized and full of life and stamina.

So we saw some really useful and self-commanding tips to help you lose your body fat. It might look a little tough in your head but if you start applying these in your day to day lives, you will start feeling gradually that you can really do it and it is really not that hard to get in good shape. Think about those gorgeous clothes that you might be finally able to fit in, or for the guy, think about that pretty girl who might want to consider dating you when you can show off some muscles! Feels nice, right?

So buckle up and start your awesome journey of losing that extra slab of flab today!

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