10 Love Lessons to Win Your Guy’s Heart

Handsome? Check. Sense of Humour? Check. Humble? Check. Gentle? Check. And, everything else on your ‘My Mr Perfect’ list is checked off too.

Congratulations lucky girl, you have found your dream man. You are ready to take the ‘love’ step in your life. But, the man  in question doesn’t have a tiny winy inkling of your feelings. Or, perhaps he has, but he is still not too much into you or it’s just the physical attraction yet. So, how would you make your guy fall in love with you and rule his heart? Here are 10 never failing love tips to woo him.

Be Yourself

A guy loves the girl for what she is and for her honesty. It’s always  turn on for him. Whether you are a spunky, carefree woman or a simple, homely one, just be what you are. If you try to put on a façade or go out of way to mould yourself to fit into his good books, the relationship may see its doom soon.

Talk, What He Likes

Do remember, it’s not always about you. Let the conversation flow around the guy’s likes and interests too. Dig a little into his life (without being nosy!), and you would slowly discover his hobbies, passions and dreams. While talking about his favorite things, he will feel the positive vibes with you.

love lessons to win guys

Opinions? Yes, But Smartly

Men often like women who can express their opinions smartly and articulately. This shows that you have the power of voicing your thoughts appropriately, without being too overpowering on the others.

Your Body Speaks Too

If you want your guy to like you, you have to carry your body well. Arching the back while walking with your man, arms by the side and long strides are all that it takes to draw the attention of your man towards you. This style helps in elongating your body and makes you look irresistibly attractive. The man will not be able to take his eyes off you for sure.

Speak Confidently

Wear your confidence as your attitude. Your verbal tone should be calm, cool and collected, which reflects that you are a balanced person. A rich and deliberate tone also means that you can take control of things when needed without getting baffled. This is a great turn on for men who like independent, strong willed women.

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He is Special – But Does He & Others Know?

Make your man realize how special he is for you. When you are with his family or group of friends, praise him for his positive qualities or what you admire about him. See the spark in his eyes when you say the things in his favour. But don’t do overdo the compliments, it may activate his embarrassment button.

Dress to Impress, Not to Kill

Admit it, ladies. Well – dressed and attractive women grab the eyeballs of men. But if you want your guy to have eyes only for you, then bowl him over with your immaculate, not so exposing dressing style. But just make sure you wear what is comfortable on your skin. Let your body tease him, but in an understated way. Let him be tempted to unravel the mysterious woman in you!

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Give Him Space

Over imposing yourself may make your guy take a step backward in the relationship. Respect his privacy and give him his personal space, to create an understanding. Where were you? Why were you so late? Who was that woman talking to you? –  Command the ‘drama queen’ inside you to stay mum.

Respect His Family

A man would always want to see, how his woman fits into his family. Show that you care, respect and value his family as much as you do for him.

‘I Love You’ – Let Him Say

Probably by now, your guy is ready to go on his knees for you. But, be patient and let him walk up to you to say those magical words. A little bit of chivalry is always welcome!

All the best!


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