10 Low Calorie Dinner Ideas for Weight Loss

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Most of the women, who are on a weight loss frenzy often wonder what to cook for a low calorie dinner.  And, it’s really hard to adhere to the age old quote “Eat your breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar”, isn’t it? However, staying hungry before going to bed isn’t really a good and healthy option for anyone, including those who are trying to lose weight.

Here is a compiled list of some fabulous low calorie dinner ideas and high on the nutrition content, plus they are easy to cook up and yummy for the whole family to enjoy!

Black Chickpeas Chat


Black chickpeas make this savoury salad quite high on the fibre. Adding fresh, crunchy vegetables like raw onions and tomatoes makes it a hot favourite amongst all. You can even mingle the sweetness of pomegranate seeds. It can be consumed as a side dish with a brown bread vegetable sandwich, soup or as the main course with a rich vegetable soup.

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Baby Corn Palak


If you are in the mood of enjoying a steaming hot vegetable dish with fresh chapattis or brown rice, this recipe is a good choice, especially in the winters. The spinach leaves rich in calcium and baby corn with its rich dietary fibre content together, make a great combination. It is a zero-oil recipe, so a must try for all the calorie watchers.

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Baked Oats Puri


The mention of ‘puris’ waters your mouth instantly, right? If you have been missing out on this tempting Indian bread due to its oily nature, you can think having baked oats puris in dinner tonight without the guilt. Oats along with sesame seeds make the dough nutritious and the garlic fenugreek flavour adds to its taste. Say ‘No’ to cholesterol with this special baked dinner dish. You can even store them for office or school for the next day. This is an absolute low calorie dinner idea.

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Chicken and Vegetable Saute


Dieting doesn’t mean you have to stay away from your favourite chicken! This easy recipe utilizes chicken and all sorts of vegetables that are lying there waiting in the fridge to be used. Though the recipe uses 2 tbsp of oil, it is for half kg chicken. You can reduce the oil content and replace it with olive oil instead to still lower the fat content of the recipe. A high portion of vegetables makes it a superb filling ‘green’ dinner.

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Baked Fish


Generally, the common Indian notion is that fish tends to taste better if it is fried and if it is fried don’t even touch it if you are trying to lose weight! But, surprisingly, this baked fish recipe makes it very much possible to relish fish without actually soaking it in oil. The recipe is so simple that even a first timer will be proud of it. Indian spices marinade adds immense flavour to this delectable baked high protein, low calorie dinner dish.

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Oats and Moong Dal Chilla


The goodness of this main course dish lies in the fact that it has rice, dal and vegetables all blended into a single recipe. The oats add an exciting twist to the nutritional content. Yet another twist, you can prepare these pancakes on a non-stick pan without even a drop of oil. So what are you waiting for, plan for this for dinner today!

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Baked Vegetable Jalfrazie


Try out this spicy but very low calorie main course dish which can be eaten as a standalone dish or with a chapatti. The vegetables aren’t overcooked, baking preserves their nutrition. The tomato gravy enhances the fragrance and flavour to give it a slightly gravy-like consistency.

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Grilled Sprouts Sandwich


If someone told you that low calorie food has to be bland, and that is what is deterring you from planning a low calorie diet plan, you must think twice. This chat masala, green sauce and pepper corn flavour sandwich with a fibre rich sprout filling can fill your tummy well before a good night’s sleep without adding too much to your calorie chart. Just be sure to use whole wheat bread in the recipe in order to avoid the harmful ingredients of refined flour.

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Chicken Skewers with Mint Sauce


This healthy chicken recipe can be made easily along with the mint dip which will earn you a lot of praise from family and friends as well. The grilled juicy chicken pieces will flatter your taste buds when eaten with the freshly made mint garlic chutney.

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Fenugreek and Egg Fried Rice


If you have a lot of left over rice in your fridge and are wondering what to do with it, cook up this tasty and healthy fried rice. The fenugreek lends it its typical aroma plus it is good for sugar and lipid control. You can take a small portion of this yummy rice teamed up with a simple vegetable soup to have a low calorie dinner.

To read the recipe, click here.

If you are dreaming about fitting into that low waist, skinny pair of denims or a sexy fitted dress, you need to count your daily intake of calories and burn out those extra ones with a good regime of exercise. But even when you are on the weight loss spree, don’t compromise on your taste buds. Try these simple low calorie dinner ideas to call it a day.

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10 Low Calorie Dinner Ideas for Weight Loss



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