10 Low Carb Soups Recipes

Soups are supposed to be a healthy addition to our diet but with a little butter here and a little cream there which makes the taste, you may be adding fat and carbs without knowing it. Soups can be made without these and still taste so good, you’ll want to have them any time of the day. Ready to switch to healthy soups – the real ones? Here are 10 low carb soups recipes.

Atkins Friendly Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Made with the goodness of broccoli and a 0 carb chicken stock you can use cornstarch to thicken this soup or use onion powder instead of it. With the basic recipe doing justice in taste, you can amp it up a bit using paprika or cayenne peppers for an extra kick. The kosher salt simply makes it perfect. You can increase the quantity of cheddar if you are not too picky on the fat and suitably turn down the heavy cream quotient and still get a great texture finish.

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Cheesy Low Carb Cauliflower And Broccoli Soup

This is another version of an all time favourite combination of broccoli and cheese. There is a reason why most restaurants have some variation of this low carb soup – because everyone simply loves the taste. This soup uses pureed cauliflower to add body and taste without the need of adding a thickening agent like cornstarch. You can add some steamed and sauted broccoli florets while serving. Add a sharp tasting cheese to increase the flavour.

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Ginger carrot soup

Carrots, apple an zucchini may not seem like the most obvious combination but that’s what makes this soup stand out and also cuts down its carbs. Freshly crushed ginger and a hint of turmeric adds a perfect zing that’ll keep you wanting an extra serving. Try this soup with a steak salad to make it a complete meal.

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Lentil And Italian Sausage Soup

Though this soup is not something you’ll readily order out of a restaurant menu, it’ll convert you into a fan if you give it a try. The Italian sausages coupled with spinach and lentils give this soup a unique flavour and texture. You’ll want to make this as a surprise dish for guests to keep them guessing the secret behind the taste. Just 4.9 net carbs per serving!

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Low Carb French Onion Soup

Want to double up your soup to be a meal? This tasty version of French onion soup uses both chicken and beef broth with a mix of grated parmesan or romano into the broth itself. If you are the only one dieting on carbs, others in the family can add a thick slice of golden toasted bread before the cheese goes in.

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Cucumber Gazpacho

This soup is served chilled to beat the summer heat but you can have it any time of the year because it tastes so good and takes up so little carbs. The mix of mint, cilantro and champagne vinegar adds to the taste and the roasted walnut topping gives it a crunchy finish. One of the best comfort low carb soup recipes out there.

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Spicy Tomato And Blue Cheese Soup

There are plenty of tomato soup recipes out there that get a variation from the addition of one or two unique ingredients. That ingredient in this soup is blue cheese. When serving don’t forget a dollop of greek yogurt and some extra hot sauce to keep the taste interesting.

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Spinach And Artichoke Dip Soup

Spinach and artichoke dip is one of the most popular ones out there. Imagine the taste when you get the dip to a soupy consistency and add a dash of flavours. It tastes amazing and is super easy to make! You can use milk instead of cream and less cheese and still get a great taste.

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Fire Pot Soup

This tasty soup from Fire pot can be made low carb with a few simple adjustments. Omit the rice and replace the brown sugar with a sugar substitute and that should get you good to go. The soup base is made from coconut milk making it creamy without being heavy. You can use shrimp and tofu or shrimp and chicken or just shrimp or just tofu to make this soup.

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Low Carb Chicken Corn Soup

Chicken soup is truly for the soul. And when its low carb, it works wonders for the mind and body too. This soup gives a miss to the cornstarch or cream to cut down on the calories and carbs, making it a tasty low carb soup recipe for the disciplined dieter.

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10 Low Carb Soups Recipes


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