Best Manual Coffee Grinder

When discussing coffee, a novice may ask why grind coffee and even then why choose a manual coffee grinder? The connoisseur replies, there are certain simple pleasures in life that simply cannot forgo. Grinding your own coffee to perfection and then brewing it just right is one of those things that only true coffee lovers will understand. You get to have your own brand of specialty coffee anytime, anywhere. Hand grinders are space-efficient and can be easily carried during travel. And the best part is they help you get a perfect cup of coffee and are easy on the wallet too. Here are some of the best manual coffee grinders in the business and where you can get them.

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill (100g)


In Japanese, HARIO means “The King of Glass”. Hario manufactures glassware for both general consumers and industrial purposes. Designed for people who love to have their coffee just right even when they travel, this light-weight, portable grinder gives a consistent grind for perfect, fresh coffee. It is equally easy to use at home for your regular coffee needs where you can hand grind the exact quantity of beans you want to restrict wastage. Its canonical burr mechanism works well when you want to have a quick espresso or a slow stove-top coffee. You may get a French press too but it may not be very consistent.

Manual Coffee Grinder Professional Heavy Duty


This premium portable coffee mill not only offers consistency and precision but comes with a lifetime warranty. In general, products that boast this one tag of ‘life time warranty’ can be picked over others in its class simply because it shows that the manufacturers believe in delivering quality and will stand by that statement for years to come. Made with professional 304 stainless steel, it is robust enough to withstand a fall without bending or wrapping. The grinder takes in about 5 tbsp of whole beans and gives an output of about 6 tbsp. The adjustable burr grinder gives a consistent granule size maximizing flavor extraction and minimization of distasteful fine dust.

3E Home Manual Canister Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill Grinder


This gorgeous brown ceramic finish coffee grinder comes with a built in adjustable coffee grinder selector which gives  control over the coarseness so you define how your Espresso, Pour Over, Cold Brew, French Press or Turkish should be. The manual crank lowers down the noise compared to an electric grinder which allows you to quickly ad silently brew your coffee even if your loved ones are asleep nearby. The multiple grind settings allows you to double the grinder for spices and herbs too. The body is made with one solid piece of wood with no screws and gives a great rustic appeal to the kitchen.

Manual Coffee Grinder with SILICONE GRIP


This one comes with the other type of guarantee we like – the 100% money back one. If you don’t like it, they promise not only to refund you the money but send a new one for free! The device promises a smooth, strong and consistent coffee experience. It’s rust free conical ceramic burr has a long wear life and allows minute adjustments in your grind to get everything from espresso to French press. The stainless steel body and silicone grip gives makes it a great aesthetic addition to your kitchen too. Moreover, you also get a free carrying pouch making it perfect for travel.

Hario Mini Mill Slim Hand Coffee Grinder


Ready to give yourself a good workout before your coffee? This easy to use coffee grinder takes about a minute and half of quick handle turns to give you a large, strong cup of coffee. Its nifty with just a 2 inch base and 7 inches in height. The bottom of the grinder can be adjusted to get the coarseness you need. While this is not typically the grinder you’ll use when you have guests, it is a perfect for a grind-as-you-go everyday coffee that keeps it fresh and tasty. The product has received overwhelming positive reviews over the years.

Most of us would gulp down our coffee when we are caught amidst meetings, workplace hassles and piling housework. And for such people, a manual coffee grinder is a wonderful reminder to slow down and enjoy the little pleasures of life. It takes time to make something with love and coffee is one thing that we all should take time out to enjoy. The best manual coffee grinders are the ones that truly bring out your love for the brew and let you have it just the way you like. They don’t require electricity and can be your travel companion and even your best friend.


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