8 Must Have Car Accessories

There are a few things that you must always keep in your car no matter how long or short distance you cover usually. From car papers that shall help you avoid a tiff with the traffic police to essential tools that may come handy in case of a car breakdown – you must have it all in your car at all times. Let us have a detailed look at the must haves in your car.


Your car’s documents should be systematically placed in a folder or pouch and kept handy in the car so that you may show them to the traffic police or elsewhere if and when required. The car’s registration and insurance documents as well as the pollution control receipt are among the essential papers that must always be kept in the car. Most importantly, do not forget to carry your driving license.

Repair and Maintenance Tools

Even if you get your car serviced regularly you still cannot tell as to when it may require a minor or major fix. Flat tires are especially a common occurrence. So you must ensure that you carry a good condition spare tire in your car trunk. Other essentials include are a tire iron and a tire jack. If your car wheels need a security key then the same must also be kept in your car. Other tools that you should keep in your car are tire inflator and sealer, jumper cables and duct tape. Also don’t forget to carry your car’s instruction manual, just in case you can’t avail mechanic services in the nick of time and end up replacing the tire yourself!

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is another must have in your car. The kit should include adhesive bandages, gauze pads, gauze roll, elastic bandages, cotton balls, thermometer, scissor, safety pins, fever and pain medicines, anti nausea tablets, antiseptic solution and ointment. You may also keep other relevant medicines and medical equipments if you suffer from some specific health condition.

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Safety Kit

Just as you maintain a first aid kit it is also equally necessary to keep a safety and survival kit in your car. This kit must include a torch, matchbox, knife, seat belt cutter, window breaker and not to forget a map. A multi-tool kit also comes handy when caught in a difficult situation.


Though you may prefer to carry plastic cards in your purse, nothing can work better than the hard cash in the times of emergencies such as car break down. So, make sure that you also carry some cash notes as well.

Power Bank/Phone Charger

You may want to listen to songs, want to browse internet or make an emergency call while travelling in a car, especially for long distances. However, a hand device with low battery level can be both risky as well as boring. A good way to avoid this situation is to keep an extra phone charger in your car or better still, carry a fully charged power bank with you.


What if your car runs out of petrol, right in the middle of the road, faraway from a petrol pump or gas station? A spare can of petrol can save you from the trouble!

Other Essentials

Besides the above mentioned items, you must also carry a hand towel and a pack of tissues, especially if you are going for a long journey. It is also advisable to keep a blanket, a bed sheet and an extra pair of clothes as you may never know when you may require these. Another must have in your car are some light snacks with long shelf life and fresh water bottle. You may choose to keep a flask or a small water cooler depending on the weather. Additionally an umbrella, gloves, paper bags, pen, paper, and fire extinguisher are among a few other things that must be also available in your car at all times.

Would you like to suggest any other must have car accessories to keep in a car?


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