Noticeable Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy

After the big news on your pregnancy is out, the next big question looming large is whether you’ll have a boy or girl. Most couples want to know as soon as there is a visible sign in the ultrasound. They want to be armed and ready with the right nursery paint and baby name. Others want to voluntarily avoid finding out. After all, it is one of life’s wonderful surprises that is best revealed when the time is right.

But that won’t stop people from speculating all through the nine months. Every little symptom from nausea to belly size to food cravings will be interpreted as a sign on the baby’s sex. There are old and elderly ladies who claim to know the sex of the baby by just looking at the way you “carry the baby”. There may be some truth or it can all be just old wives tales. Read on and enjoy – there is always a 50% chance that it is right!

The ‘discovery’ phase has a fun of its own. As your symptoms change day on day, it’ll be fun to see through the points below to see where you fit in. It’s a fun way to pass time! Take all the speculation from friends and family on your stride. It’s just their way of ‘engaging’ with your bump early on. Here are some signs that can give you a push towards the ‘blue’ brigade.

The Way You Carry:

If you are carrying your bump low down and all ‘out in front’ you are said to be having a boy.

Boys Keep You Happy:

If you aren’t experiencing the dreaded morning sickness your pals described it’s because of the little baby B. Girls tend to cause a little extra trouble for their mothers in this department.

Your Food Craving:

Love your salts and spices? Like cheese and chutney more than candy? That little bump of yours is can just about be a baby boy.

You Know It In Your Heart:

If your baby’s heartbeat is less than 140pm

The Palm Trick:

Expectant mothers are asked to stick their hands out. If you do it with your palms facing down, you are having a boy

Do You Smell Like Garlic?

how-to-know-if-you-are-carrying-a-girlIf you have a clove of garlic and start reeking from your pores. (As magical as it sounds, women carrying a baby girl don’t smell at all!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall:

Look into the mirror for a minute. If your pupils dilate then it’s a boy

Are You A Glowing Mum-To-Be?

Girls are said to steal their mothers beauty while boys are said to add that all-familiar glow to a yummy mother to be

Hairy Story:

Did you hair just start feeling full-bodied, voluminous and shiny? Thanks to the little boy in you tummy who is already making mommy look amazing. The not so good fact – the hair on your legs may grow faster too if you are having a boy!

Of Keys And Rings:

Put a key in front of a pregnant woman. If she picks it up by the narrow part, she’s expecting a girl. If she picks it up by the round part, she’s having a boy. Similarly, you can tie a wedding ring to a thread and hang it in front of the bump keeping it as still as possible. If it oscillates side to side or back and forth (instead of circles), it’s the sign for a baby boy

His Side, Her Side:

Was your pillow in the north when you were busy making the baby? You are likely to have conceived a boy.

Crooked Or Straight Linia Nigra:

That’s the black line that runs vertically over your abdomen crossing your belly button. If the line is crooked, you are having a boy.

The Math Behind It:

Add your age to the month you conceived. You’ll get an even number for a boy and odd for a girl. This one is quite uncannily true for scores of women. If fact, women try to choose the month they want to conceive to backtrack and decide if they want a girl or a boy!

Girl or boy, it’s your very own bundle of joy. Have fun with the myths and stories while you can.

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