5 Amazing Oriya Recipes

No vacation is complete without a delightful gastronomical experience. Because you don’t have to actually worry about an elaborate meal preparation and instead focus only on devouring it, the vacation food experience in many ways defines the vacation as a whole.

When visiting Odisha, you will be exposed to many varieties of the local cuisine. The locally grown food, spices, and method of preparation all bring together a perfect dining experience. While you may get your hands on many things local, here are 5 amazing Oriya recipes that is a must try during your visit:

Dahi Kanji (Soup)

A good meal begins with a great soup and Dahi Kanji The dish finds its tanginess in its curd base. Though this is a preferred dish during the summers earlier, it can be had almost any time of the year to make a great beginning to your meal.

A healthy dose of vegetables in the dish makes it an excellent option to make you feel reasonably full. What makes this dish different is the addition of drumstick leaves that adds a unique flavor while loading up on the healthy vitamins.


See the Dahi Kanji recipe here

Chingudi Jhola (Prawns curry)

If you love seafood, this dish is a must try. Made in a fried onion base and topped with an array of condiments, the dish also has potatoes that make it a good mix of starch and spice. The dish is fairly simple to make once you’ve assembled the ingredients.

It is served with steamed rice. If you just have this one curry and rice, it actually makes a complete meal. Some chutney on the side and you are on your way to food nirvana.


Find the Chingudi Jhola recipe here

Odisa’s Gupchup

Known by many names in India like pani puri, gol gappa, puri puchka and gup chup is one dish that is available throughout India but varies in taste everywhere you go. Odisha’s gupchup retains the original tanginess but the slight variation of the spices makes it a must have.

The dish’s fillings also vary from place to place. While you may get a wholesome sprout filling in one place, another may have a potato mix while a few many have the dried white pea mix. Try a gol gappa at different locations in Odisha to know the difference. Want to make some at home.


Here’s how you can make Odisha’s gol gappa

The authentic Odisha thali

Want Odisha served on a plate? The traditional Odisha thali (lunch plate) has an entire length and breadth of dishes that will leave you with only one regret – you would wish you had a bigger stomach to eat some more. We suggest you skip breakfast on the day you want to try a lunch thali so that you can truly do justice to the fare served.

The thali consists of a mix of bread and rice that can be eaten with a variety of curries. It also has several side dishes and tops off the experience with a good dose of sweets. Most thalis will have Pakhala, Janta Roti, Dalma (rice lentil mix cooked together), Aaloo Posto (potato curry), Baigan Chatka (brinjal curry), crispy vegetable chips (like potato-ivy gourd chips), phala rasgullas, kanika (sweet rice) and pana (a heavy yogurt fruit shake).


Get your dose of Odisha thali dishes here

Podo Pitha Recipe (Rice and coconut cake)

There is a reason why people cook this dish only once a year. It has a super long list of ingredients and takes forever to bake. It is made during the Raja festival and is called the Godfather of all pithas.

Baked traditionally in a clay oven overnight and spiced with coconut, nuts and caramelized jaggery, this one is a must have if you get your hands on it.


If not you can always give the Podo Pitha recipe a try

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5 Amazing Oriya Recipes


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