Where Can I Play Cards Against Humanity Online for Free?

As the topic suggests this article is for those who want to play cards against humanity online free. But we would also like to describe what the game is about and how can it be played for those people who haven’t heard of this game yet and are eager to fetch some information for the same. You can find all the rules of the games and where to find cards against humanity in stores here.

It has been 4-5 years since the game has been launched and it gained popularity in these recent years. It is an awesome party game. There are a few sites available that allow you to play cards against humanity online.


Play Cards Against Humanity Online

If you don’t want to play this game in an offline mode, then there are a few sites that allow you to play cards against humanity online free.

  1. Cardsagainsthumanity.com

This is the official site for cards against humanity. When you visit this site then it will first ask you to scroll some button sideways to select your age. And then just below it asks what your gender is and also whether you have played this game before or not. And lastly, you will have to select a country you live. There is a start button that straight leads you to the game and you can play it online for free.

  1. Aazala.info

You can also visit this site and fill in your name and optional password to play this game. There is a chatting option also available on this website.

  1. Decksagainstsociety.com

This is another website that allows you to play cards against humanity game online, all you need to do is enter your username and password. If you aren’t already registered then there is a register button available on its home page which asks for username, password, and email. Email is optional, though.

  1. Cardsforhumanity

This is also a site that allows you to play this game as well.

So, folks, these were some of the things about cards against humanity and where you can play this game online for free. There is not any official website available for playing this game though but you might find it soon as people might be working on it because it has gained popularity in very less time. It is a fun game to play and it also helps you pass your time in an interesting and creative way. If you have not yet tried your hands on this game, try it today! Good luck!

What is this Game- Cards Against Humanity?

At first, if you hear the name then it feels as if the game has some evil sorts of rules that are against the laws of humanity. But that’s not the case, this game is really simple and is played with the help of cards which are available in some online shopping websites and some stores.

The Rules of the Game

For playing this game you will need a deck of cards consisting of black and white cards. The black cards contain the question i.e. the fill in the blank part which has to be filled by the players. Actually, the white cards in this game contain small phrases or words that have to be completed to complete the sentence. What has to be filled is decided by the player!

Cards Against Humanity: The Product

You can buy these cards on Amazon.com. The product costs about 25 dollars and there are further expansions of it that cost about 10 dollars. There price may vary from site to site and store to store. You can buy it on Walmart or on its website as well. Target.com also sells this game. And you can also search them in nearby stores as well.

Some you might also want this game to be available for free. There are two options for this. Either you can play it online or download a pdf available below.

It would be best to buy Cards against humanity online or from stores as that way  this game is more entertaining. You can also buy expansion packs and holiday packs for more new cards.


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