5 Point Pre-conception Planning Checklist

Pre-conception planning is a challenge in itself. The day you decide to have a baby, a lot of efforts go into preparing yourself for the upcoming emotional roller coaster ride in your life. There are several factors that you and your partner have to consider before trying to make a baby. Is your body ready? Are you willing to give up your carefree life? Can you afford a baby? Do you have family support?

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Here is a 5 point checklist for you to know to know whether you are really ready to throw yourself into the woes and joys of pregnancy.

Taking the nod from your partner

It’s of utmost importance for a couple to share and communicate what the other person feels about bringing a child in the world. Hence, talk to your partner whether he is as keen and prepared as you to embrace the parenthood. A mutual agreement between both partners has a long term positive influence on the pregnancy.

Managing career with baby

Physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy may temporarily make you shift focus from your career. Also post delivery, you may want to quit your job to tend to your baby yourself or take help from your husband/other family members/child caretaker to get back to work. Whatever the decision may be, it will have a major impact on your career. So, if you have a demanding professional life, you may want to re-assess the decision to conceive.

Checking the finances

Right from consulting a doctor to booking a labour room in the hospital and buying diapers to enrolling the child in a school, you should have enough disposable income to bear all expenses pertaining pregnancy, child birth and childcare. Ideally you should set aside a separate fund and pool your savings for the baby there. Also, find out how much expense does your insurance policy cover and what is the maternity/paternity policy at your work.


Going for pre-conception counselling

If you believe that all worries start only after pregnancy, then you are wrong. There are chances that you may not be able to conceive due to some medical reasons or even if you do, you may be prone to risks such as miscarriage and birth defects. You must get a pre-pregnancy check up done to ensure that you are fit and healthy to conceive. Usually, a doctor would discuss your and your partner’s medical history and run a few tests such as thyroid, diabetes, thalassemia etc to assess your medical and fertility fitness. Don’t hide even a single piece of information from your doctor to get a correct advice. The doctor may then predict your ovulation cycle, prescribe pre natal vitamins and also recommend you certain lifestyle and diet changes.

Being responsible for someone else’s life

You would be now responsible for the tiny life growing inside you. This may mean giving up your carefree life, favourite alcohol, late night parties and breaking many other habits. Be ready to accept these changes in your life for your little one.


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