Running for Weight Loss: Best Way to Lose Weight

“When people tell me they can’t afford to join a gym, I tell them to go outside; planet Earth is a gym and we’re already members. Run, climb, sweat, and enjoy all of the natural wonder that is available to you.”

― Steve Maraboli: Life Changing Speaker, Bestselling Author & Behavioural Science Academic

How true! Simple, effective and low cost, running is one of the best ways to weight loss. The basic weight loss mantra is to eat healthy, low calorie food and burn more calories than what you consume. While the number of calories you exhaust while running is dependent on a number of factors such as your weight, time spent and metabolism, it definitely helps you cut the flab on your body.

Here are 4 reasons why you should be running for weight loss.

Burns More Calories in Less Time

Walking a mile may take half an hour while running the same distance is likely to consume almost half the time or even less. So you can burn more calories in the given time if you choose running over walking. A Syracuse study “Energy Expenditure of Walking and Running”, conducted on 12 men and 12 women shows that running burns almost twice more calories per mile than walking. That is, per mile, men burned an average of 124 calories while running, and just 88 while walking; the women burned 105 and 74 respectively.

You can use a calorie calculator or an app to measure the calories burnt during running.


Overall Well-Being

Apart from aiding in weight loss, running is also an excellent stress buster and keeps a number of health problems at bay. It takes care of your mental as well as physical health.

It is no-fuss

Running is a simple, yet a quick way to burn that excess fat on your body. Neither do you require learning any special technique nor do you need any equipment to practice this. Just wear your running shoes and you are good to go no matter where you are!

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Lifts Your Spirits

It has been seen that many people begin their fitness regime with full enthusiasm, however they lose interest after some time either because they don’t like the exercises they indulge in or because they find them too tough. However, studies reveal running makes you happier, so much that you are ready to challenge yourself for a second run.

Benefits of exercising daily

Already feeling pumped up for a run? Well, before you begin running, here are a few pitfalls to avoid while running for weight loss. Afterall, you would not want to end up hurting yourself instead of doing any good!

Choosing Inappropriate Footwear

Leave your comfy floaters and chic sandals aside. What you really need is a good quality of athletic shoes. Also make sure you go for a pair that is a little bigger than your actual shoe size as your feet tends to get swollen while running. It is also advisable not to wear shoes that are old and worn out as they may injure your feet.

Running for weight loss

Choosing a Wrong Outfit

Ladies, it is an absolutey a no-no to sprint on your running track in sarees or a pair of jeans! Pick an exercise outfit or wear comfortable clothes, which do not hinder in your running spree.

Running Outfit

Running too Fast

A common mistake that most beginners make is that they start running too fast from the very onset itself. This causes your body to lose water quickly and thus drains your energy. It may even cause muscle pain or foot injury. It is suggested to keep the pace slow initially and increase it gradually.

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Not Having Enough Water

Many runners do not drink an adequate amount of water while running, which usually causes severe dehydration. Make it a point to have enough water prior to and during the run as well as throughout the day to stay fit and active. Water helps in lubricating your joints and muscles and maintains your body’s metabolism.

water for weight loss

Repeating the Pattern

It is said that if you follow the same exercise regime everyday, it becomes ineffective after a few months as your body adapts to it. So if you run the same distance with the same intensity every day then you wouldn’t burn as many calories as you did initially. Hence, it is recommended to increase the time, intensity and speed from time to time to get the desired results.

So, what are you waiting for now? Get, set and go!

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Running for Weight Loss: Best Way to Lose Weight


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