What (Good) Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking Soda?

You must have often heard of how a soda drink is harmful for your body. But, how many of you really stop drinking soda? Now, you don’t know how much harm those glassfuls of sodas are doing, do you? Well, the biggest danger it poses is that your waistline inches go up, even with the diet sodas, which apparently seem calorie free but are absolutely not. There are several other risks such as tooth decay, bone deterioration and diabetes, attached with a soda addiction. So, if you feel like popping up a fizzy drink every time you are stressed or craving for sugar or just for fun, hold back and think about it.

Here is a list of good effects that will help your body tread the healthier path when you stick to a ‘Stop Drinking Soda’ regime.

Bye Bye Kilos


Soda drinks are loaded with calories, thanks to the sugar present in the composition. If you thought diet sodas are a better alternative, think again. They contain artificial sugar, which further makes your body crave for the sweeter things, making you go binge-eating later. Replacing soda with healthier weight loss drinks such as green tea or fresh fruit juices will help you in restricting your calories quite effectively. So, let’s have it clear, stop drinking soda if you are dreaming of a sexy waistline.

Long Live Your Teeth


Our tooth enamel gets corroded in the high acidic environment that soda creates in our mouth. This has been proved in many experiments and studies that show the destruction of the enamel when kept for more than 48 hours in a popular soda drink brand. The caffeine in soda also stains the natural whiteness of the teeth. Who would feel good about showing stained teeth in those selfie clicks? Stop drinking soda to ensure a healthy dental hygiene and of course, a dazzling smile!

Caffeine – No, Thanks


Here is another reason to take a break from soda refills. Apart from sugar and aspartame (an artificial sugar), there is caffeine, which explains why sodas are addictive. Caffeine has been known to give nervous jitters, insomnia (sleeplessness), raised blood pressure and cholesterol deposition in the body. You surely don’t want all these illnesses to grip your body, right? Then re-think your daily dietary habits and replace the soda with a healthier decaf drink like lemonade or buttermilk.

Water Fill for Your Body


It is a common habit for soda lovers to reach out for a bubbly drink whenever they are thirsty, especially when they are moving out in the hot humid weather. You might feel you are quenching your thirst and increasing your fluid intake to beat the heat, but actually the opposite happens. The caffeine acts as a diuretic i.e. our body loses more water in the form of urine. Reach out for a glass of fresh chilled water instead to replenish the body’s water content.

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Yeah, Stronger Bones


Another reason why you should stop drinking soda is that they will reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Soda kind of pierces into your bones and drains away their calcium. Instead, opt for healthy calcium rich milk based drinks, like fruit flavoured yoghurt.

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Chucking out soda from your routine is not at all easy, especially if you take more than 2-3 glasses every day. Go slow, think about all those ‘good’ benefits of leaving soda and give time to your body to adjust to your new healthy diet. Quit the ‘unnatural’ and move towards more natural substitutes. You will love the new, fresher, healthier and fitter ‘YOU’!

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What (Good) Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking Soda?


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