Things Every Guy Needs To Know And Understand About Pregnancy And Parenthood

Choosing to become a parent is a very big step in anyone’s life. Lots of expectations, anxiety come with the “good news”. This transitional phase of nine months is different for the would-be mother and father. For the mother, the physical metamorphosis gives a very real feel to the baby who’ll be in her arms in 9 months. But for a father, who is a ‘part’ of the journey from afar without any visible life changes, things can get a tad bit confusing. Here’s what every guy needs to know and understand about pregnancy and parenthood.

Your Wife May Turn Into A Weepy-Soapy:

Pregnancy can wreck havoc with a woman’s hormones. The mood swings, physical changes and exhaustion can cause your wife to turn into a person you haven’t met before. She’ll need your support and care more than ever and more importantly, a little intuitively. Prep up that pillow for her when she comes to bed. Ask her if she needs something special for breakfast and take time out to make it.

She Is Not Going To Look The Same:

Pregnancy brings about a great deal of change in a woman’s body. From stretch marks to weight gain, the effects can be seen even long after the baby is born. This is also a phase when a woman is in constant self-doubt about her body and feels she has lost her previous beautiful self. You need to remind her that her body is incredible because it helped make such an amazing little person. It takes time to get back to shape so encourage her to eat healthy and support her in her exercise schedules by offering to take the baby off her hands for a while.

She Needs You To Be Her Pillar:

According to a study support from partner predicts lower distress for mother and infant. Life takes a 360 degree turn during the baby making process and the first year of raising one. This is a time when she automatically becomes a magnet for advice which constantly puts her in doubt on how she is handling her child. Every mother and child is unique and a mother has a learning process for the rest of her life. You need to show her how to trust herself and her instincts and help her gain back confidence.

Your Woman Will Be Obsessive-Defensive:

She has just managed to discover a level of unconditional love in her heart for another human being which she didn’t think could possibly exist. Her entire world will be centered around her baby for quite a while and everyone else will be second priority. Mothers are like that. If you want to have your say in the matter, choose your time and do it subtly so that she doesn’t feel you are encroaching her territory.

She Will Never Have Anything To Wear:

Half her clothes are in between sizes and nothing fits as she yo-yos between losing and gaining weight. Anything that currently fits has already been pooped into, peed into or thrown up into. You’ll need to carefully gauge her size and get her new clothes now and then (now more than then). Though shopping is a good cure, at times like these, you need to do it like you are treading on thin ice. You’ll have to goad her into picking extra large cloth sizes which can well kick start the crying blues.

All Superheroes Need Some Timeout Too:

It’s not just cooking, cleaning the house, doing the dishes or washing the clothes  it is doing it all with a baby in tow that adds the ‘super’ in the ‘super mums’. We often come across women who seem to have it all gathered while we are often left wondering why cleaning our house with a child is like eating Oreos when brushing. Let her know that ‘She’ is important. She deserves a break and doesn’t need to work all the time to get everything in order. You can order food one day or simply take the baby out for a stroll while she can take a snooze.

Your life will most definitely change, but how much for the better is really in your hands. Your wife will love to see you grow into the role of a doting father. Take time out as these special days will always be cherished.

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