Tips For Having A Natural Childbirth

As your big D-day looms large when you’ll meet the tiny wonder you’ve nourished and treasured inside, you may have several questions, quite a bit of fear and a whole lot of anxiety about the birthing process. You may have heard from many women, especially elders in the family, about how a natural childbirth is better than everything else and you should go for it too. We, collectively as a society, tend to look down upon women who’ve had C-sections thinking they “had it easy”, which is really not the case.

The first and foremost thing to understand here is that every woman and every pregnancy is different. Natural childbirth is a great option but not necessarily so for every woman. Research all your options and speak to your doctor as much as possible before deciding what is right for you. If your doctor says that everything is as it should be for you to attempt a natural delivery, here are some tips you can try to give yourself a push for it.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

One of the best things you can do is arm yourself with the right knowledge on some of the things you can expect during labor. Read up the tried and tested books on what to expect. Try to stay away from the scary stories. Just because it happened to someone else doesn’t mean it will happen to you. Try to gauge your own set of ‘normal’. Fear makes labor tougher, so try to work through any fear that you have and use the times that you feel fear as a chance to practice relaxation. The pain is going to be temporary but the rainbow at the end of a storm – that cute cuddly little wonder is so so worth it.

Take A Pre-Natal Class

Find yourself a local pre-natal expert who can not only teach exercises that’ll keep you flexible but keep your stamina level up, aches and pains in control and mind relaxed. It is important you choose a practitioner who is a certified pre-natal expert. These classes typically involve the support of your spouse. Many-a-times, a husband is left wondering how he can help and this is the perfect way to get them started. Concentrate on the breathing and relaxation techniques which can help you during labor too.

Aim To Walk 30 Minutes A Day

Walking has always been a great form of exercise for your entire body. It becomes even more necessary to continue it during your pregnancy. Agreed that things will tend to get slightly difficult as your baby’s weight and your weight increases but it is important to keep going as the activity will keep you flexible. It is considered to be one of the techniques that elders often swear by for having a natural childbirth.

Go For Natural Pain Relief Options

Choosing what type of pain relief you want during labor should be an option you should know about. Many woman choose epidurals a local anesthetic injected into the epidural space (the space around the tough coverings that protect the spinal cord). Epidurals block nerve signals from both the sensory and motor nerves, which provides effective pain relief but immobilizes the lower part of the recipient’s body. But like most intervention procedures, it can come with its side effects.

Learn how meditation, a hot shower, soft music, hydrating yourself, a foot massage or other such remedies can help you cope with labor. Knowing these options makes you more confident and lowers the anxiety of pain management during labor.

Get Yourself A Support System

Labor can be hard. And painful. But a woman’s body is made to get through it. The pain will go away when the baby arrives. She has done this naturally for a million years or so and she will continue to do so. So will you. Choose one person who you’ll want in the room while you are in the throes of pain – your husband, friend, mother, mother-in-law – anyone who’ll see you cry like a baby or curse like a sailor and still love you as much. Keep your friendship in good shape with the nurses – they are often overworked and under-thanked of the whole lot.

Know that whatever your ultimate choice, it should be for a safe and healthy delivery for you and your baby.

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